Going bald is no longer a big deal. Provided you have the attitude and charm like some bald black men namely Samuel L. Jackson, Djimon Hounsou, and so on. You’re more than your hair. So, if one morning you find that your hairline is receding, fret not. Go bald. Many Hollywood black-skinned actors have proved that having no hair doesn’t mean having no edge. In fact, bald is the new beginning for them.

Several options are there once you have got a shaved head. You can either become a beanie guy or flaunt the bald head with proud. It’s your call. 

Here’s the list of our bald black men who have embraced the baldness wholeheartedly. Start scrolling.

20 Bald Black Men (Celebrities)

1. Louis Cameron Gossett Jr.

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The African American Academy Award winning actor. Mostly remembered for his role as a Gunnery Sergeant in 1988 movie, ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’, Louis has also shown his face in many television shows like The Rockford Files, The Jeffersons, The Patridge Family, The Six Million Dollar Man, and many more.

2. Jamie Foxx

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Comedian, actor, and singer, Jamie Foxx has changed his hairstyle bit frequently. In 2007, Jamie sported a tribal tattoo on the back of his shaved head. And, when he did that, we absolutely had fallen in love with that style. But, finally he has joined the ranks of male celebs Kevin Costner and Brendan Fraser by opting for hair transplantation.

3. Samuel L. Jackson

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Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most successful bald black men. He is known mainly for his roles as an American actor and a producer. Being the highest grossing actor of all time, Samuel has shown his brilliant acting skills in more than 100 films. Though famous for wearing kangol caps in public, we love when he goes bold and shows his bald head. 

4. Michael Jordan

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Known by his initials MJ, Michael Jeffrey Jordan is a former basketball player and an American businessman. He was regarded as one of the coolest bald athletes on the planet. When his hairline started to recede, he shaved his head clean. But, Jordan knows well how to beat the shot clock of the universe. As his style just came from within, he looks damn good in a bald head too.

5. Morris Chestnut

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Popular as an American movie actor, Morris Chestnut has enjoyed tremendous success as a television star too. For one of his movies, he had to shave his head. After that, he decided to keep that baldhead look. No doubt, he had taken the right decision. The bald head is absolutely matching his personality.

6. David Bryon Woodside

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David Bryon Woodside has cast a mesmerizing magic spell with his sinister look. The stylishly trimmed facial hair and bald head together are giving him the look of an Egyptian deity. This bald black man can be your inspiration of shaving his head if you’re confused about which haircut to choose to bring a super cool change in your look.

7. Taye Diggs

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The television and film actor, Taye Diggs has got a charming look with his bald head. He has proved that bald is just another style. Confidence and smile, his calling cards, have made him rock the shaved head even before his hair started receding. If you want to sport a bald look, you need plenty of moisture to soothe newly exposed skin, just as Diggs do to take care of his bald.

8. Kevin Garnett

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Retired American professional basketball player, Kevin Garnett is one of the bold NBA players. From a very young age, he started to lose his hair. As he was getting older, he decided to do away with his hair altogether. He carries the shaved head look with so much style that today we even can’t think how he was looking when he had hair.

9. Ving Rhames

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Best known for his amazing performance in the series of movies, “Mission Impossible”, Ving Rhames has a shining bald plate. Being a serious player in Hollywood, Ving has an indomitable personality, which will make you follow him on screen. The star is as brighter as his bald. His charisma has made him earn fame through many animated shows, dramas, comedies, and action films.

10. Damon Wayans

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The comedian, TV, and film actor, Damon Wayans started to lose his hair from a young age. Though he initially used to wear hairpieces later he decided to shave the rest of his hair. Damon said that after going bald he has become the perfect Afro. For him, ‘Hair today, gone tomorrow’. But he has handled the loss with a brave heart and became a source of inspiration for all those who’re becoming frustrated due to hair loss.

11. Boris Kodjoe

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The former fashion model and the multilingual actor, Boris Kodjoe was listed as one of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” by People Magazine. However, he had hair at that time. His initial years in fighting hair loss was frustrating. But, later he learned to embrace the bald look. And, we find him even sexier with a shaved head. What do you think?

12. Tyson Beckford

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Being a bald badass is sexy. Tyson Beckford, the 50year old television star and an American model, has proved that. His bald look has become popular in recent years. Instead of having a thin receding hairline, he preferred to go bald. And his facial features and charming personality exactly go with his bald look.


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