Healthy Fashion

Healthy Fashion is the section where you’ll come across the blogs that I’ve written to keep you healthy while enabling you to do fashion simultaneously. This section covers the topics that help you prevent many skin and health related issues. First the blogs will find out the issues and then will provide you with solutions. All the solutions described here are practical and easy to follow.

I focused on issues that people are facing now. And, I do a lot of researches before coming up with any solution. As a result, the solutions are sure to bring desired outcomes without affecting your look or health in any way.

How to Choose the Best Sunglasses

9 Tips to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Eyes Health

Sunglasses aren’t only a fashion accessory but are also essential to protect your eyes from harsh UV rays. Whether it’s summer or winter, we’ll advise you to wear sunglass...
What SPF should I use?

What SPF Should I Use? Does SPF Matter?

'What SPF should I use?' Confuse? Read the blog to get your answer. You think higher SPF means better protection, right? However, dermatologists...
how to straighten hair naturally

12 Natural Ways to Straighten Your Hair Without a Straightener

Straight hair is flattering, and a timeless style. But the tools used for straightening hair often cause irreparable hair damage. Plus, hair straightening treatments in the salon also cause...

How to Choose the Right Sunscreen Based on Your Skin Type?

If you’re allowed to put only one cream on your face before stepping out in the sun, it should be your sunscreen. But, all sunscreens are not alike. Some...
damage proof hairstyles

7 Easy Damage Proof Hairstyles to Prevent Hairfall and Damage

Styling your hair daily can cause a lot of damage to it. When the hair is held tight, it exerts pressure on the roots of the hair. As a...
Does sunscreen prevent tanning

Does Sunscreen Prevent Tanning?

‘Ah, I forgot to wear sunscreen'. After spending hours out in the sun, you come home with tanned skin. And, that’s not what you’ve wanted. What if you've applied...

Stop Keeping These 5 Fashion Items in Wardrobe for Your Spine Health

Looking beautiful sometimes, become a painful deal. In the movie, Grease, Frenchy said that to Sandy. From getting tattoos to hot wax, fashionistas have to undergo a lot of...

18 Best Activewear and Workout Clothes You’d Love to Wear Even Outside Gym

When you find your relaxed routine or a studio, then exercise doesn't have to be a chore. But as soon as the temperature increases the willingness to do something...

How to Make Temporary Tattoos: 3 DIY Methods

Looking for how to make temporary tattoos can make you feel like solo searcher. But, let me tell you, you’re not alone. There are many people who love this...

How to Lighten Hair Naturally: 16 DIY Tips to Lighten Dark and Brown Hair

As summer rolls around, my heart starts to pang with envy seeing the blonde-haired women having fun on the beach. It’s not the fun that makes me jealous, but...