‘Black or brown leather jacket: Which will look good on me?’

There’s no direct answer to it. Both colors add an irresistible charm and elegant style to your personality. Hence, it’s best if you could add both black and brown colored jackets in your wardrobe. However, if you’re strict towards shopping and want to buy either brown or black jacket, this guide is for you.

1) Consider the Availability of Shades

You’ll get a wide range of colors in brown shade.

Shades Available in Brown

Chocolate brown, lighter brown, tans, darker brown. Even orange and maroon are also the shades of brown.

So, what’s really cool about this is if you know and you gravitate towards brown, tone of options are there.

Shades Available in Black

There aren’t too many shades of black. Some colors that fall in the black family are grey and blue. Though blue isn’t black yet they work pretty much with anything that black works with as well.

2) Style Variations

As compared to brown leather jacket, there are more style variations in black. Especially, when it comes to the moto lines and the winter wear.

On the other hand, brown jackets lack in style. Only three main styles are available: Bomber, Biker, and Racer.

black or brown leather jacket

3) Determine the Type of Look You Want

Black is more formal than brown. It is the color which allows you to embrace your sober side. Furthermore, black can also give you a badass feel. If you are going to attend a formal event, opt for black. Black leather jackets have more modern appearance, which you’re likely not to get in brown. All in all, black color serves both the purpose: macho look and formal look.

Brown leather jackets are loved by guys mainly for their rugged outdoors appeal. If you want to show off your rebel personality, brown is the color for you. For any casual events like going on a bike tour, brown jackets are more preferable.

black or brown leather jacket

4) Color of Your Footwear

While shopping for a leather jacket, consider the color of your shoes. The rule of thumb is to match the color of your shoes with your jacket.

Hence, if you’re wearing black shoes, black leather jacket will match perfectly, and vice versa.

5) Visibility of Texture

When it concerns texture visibility, brown has an advantage. Brown is a lighter shade than black. So, the texture gets easily noticed. If you’re very particular about showing off the texture, then go with brown.

6) Maintenance

As already said, texture is more visible in brown. So, do the stains. You have to be very careful with this color. Even, you may need to send your brown jacket off to the cleaners to get rid of the stain.

Black color, on the other hand, being darker are less likely to show stains, scratches, or discolorations.

7) Affordability

Various prices are available online for both brown and black jacket. However, black, being a common color, has more advantage here. You’ll get plethora of options that suit your budget.

On the contrary, there are only a few shades of brown on which you’d like to spend. But, if the price difference is somewhere between 10-30% only, go with the color you really love. Crying once over the price is better than buying something you wouldn’t wear often.


Two is better than one. When you have both black and brown jackets, you can pull out anyone of them to match your event and style. Purchasing a leather jacket is a long-term investment. Therefore, choose the shade carefully before making any decision.


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