Masonic tattoos are becoming popular day by day. If you hire a professional, you can easily make your body a beautiful canvas by combining awesome geometric designs of masonic tattoos. Various colorful and shaded floral formats are available.

What are Masonic Tattoos?

Masonic tattoos are derived from the tradition of free masonry. These designs are based mainly on the principles of goodwill. The masonic symbols represent both mystery and high qualification.

Masonic tattoos are of religious significance. It contains many sacred symbols, mostly applied on upper parts of the body like the sun, an All-Seeing Eye, ankh, and more. All-Seeing Eye carries a set of values ​​associated with different cultures. Before you apply it on your skin, it is necessary to consider how important it is to carry it for you.

What Its Main Characters Symbolize?

The main characters of Masonic tattoos are compasses and image squares. Masons were using these characters in ancient times. These characters symbolize the ability to limit yourself.

A masonic eye inside a triangle is the most common character. This is known as an All-Seeing Eye. The eye symbolizes conscience, knowledge, and wisdom. Plus, the triangle is the symbol of education and fire. The symbol of triangle with the eye is known as Radiant Delta. Radiant Delta symbolizes the Great Architect of the Universe, who is managing all the fraternity and order-related activities.

Similarly, Crosses in these tattoos symbolize all the four major elements (including the sun) that the world has.

Is it Against the Rules to Get a Masonic Tattoo?

No, there’s no such rule. It completely depends on your choice. Whether you’re a Mason or not, having these style tattoos isn’t a crime. If you love to wear and flaunt these tattoos, go ahead. As these tattoos are mysterious and cool, people from alternative subcultures are also getting them.

So, now you know a lot about masonic tattoos. If you’re planning to get one, here’re some of the masonic tattoo ideas.

1. 3D Masonic Design

A bit artistic, the tattoo has professional shades. It has the artistic effect of the flesh being seen from the torn skin. Indeed, this is a bold design.

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2. Blue G Masonic Tattoo

Image: Source

The tattoo looks like as if it has two open swords. Blue shade is adding to the uniqueness of the tattoo. Drawn on the forearm, this tattoo is simple yet looks nice.

3. Grey Ink Tattoo on Chest

Image: Source

The symbol of an eye is here prominent and at the center of the design. We think it is one of the best masonic tattoo designs for women that you can try. You can see some rays are designed facing outwards. These rays are looking similar to the sunrays.

4. Fiery Tattoo

Image: Source

5. Traditional Masonry Tools

Image: Source

If you’re a fan of old school DIY, this tattoo is for you.

6. Butterfly Trapped Masonic Tattoo

Image: Source

Nature inspired design. Simple geometric line work.

7. Open Palms Showing Wolf and Bear

Image: Source

8. All Seeing Palms

9. Timepiece Tattoo

Image: Source

A traditional watch with All Seeing eye at the center.

10. Square and Compass Tattoo

Image: Source

11. Rope and Leaves Masonic Tattoo

Image: Source

12. Geometric Masonic Eye Tattoo on Sleeve

Image: Source

13. Star Wars Upper Arm Tattoo

Image: Source

14. Simple Cross Masonic Below Navel Tattoo

Image: Source

15. Smiling Skull Masonic Tattoo

Image: Source

16. Over-the-Mountain Eye

17. Optical Illusion Tattoo

Image: Source

18. Winged Triangle Masonic Tattoo

Image: Source

19. Alchemy Hand Masonic Tattoo Idea

Image: Source

Alchemy hand symbolizes the transformation of man into God. The meaning of this abstract piece of art can be interpreted in multiple ways.

20. Pyramid with the Eye 

Image: Source

This tattoo symbolizes power, knowledge, and wisdom.


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