Dry skin can crop up any time of the year. But, they become a very common skin issue during fall and winter. The fall in temperature leads to dry skin around the eyes. But, who loves under-eye dryness? No worries. It’s totally normal. Thankfully, it’s a problem you can get rid of with slight changes in lifestyle, natural remedies, and creams.

To combat dry skin around eyes, let’s have a look at its contributing factors.

What Causes Scaly Skin Under Eyes?

Different factors like seasonal changes and aging can cause dry skin around eyes. Here’re some of the causes:

General Causes

a) UV Rays

The skin around our eyes is super-sensitive. Long-term exposure to the sun rays can steal away moisture from our skin. Ultimately, you’ll have dry patches under the eyes. However, applying sunscreen can prevent dryness under eyes.

b) Seasonal Changes

Oftentimes, seasonal changes lead to dry and flaky skin around the eyes. The cold weather of winter can dry out our skin. We start to rub and scratch it. This, in turn, increases the damage further. Therefore, take special care of your skin during winter.

c) Inadequate Skincare Routine

As the skin under our eyes is delicate, we should take care of it regularly. Keeping the skin hydrated all day can prevent early signs of aging and dryness around the eyes.

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Medical Causes

d) Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis is a chronic dry skin condition that can happen to anyone. The skin becomes red, cracked, and itchy. Any body part that gets easily exposed to the sun (including the eyes) can get affected.

e) Facial Psoriasis

The National Psoriasis Foundation says scales due to Facial Psoriasis can cover lashes. Consequently, the area under your eyes becomes crusty, dry, and red.

f) Eczema

According to Nichelle Temple, the owner of Inderma Studio of New York City, eczema commonly occurs under the eyes. Eczema makes the skin dry, inflamed and cracked.

What If You Ignore Dry Skin Around Eyes?

Having flaky skin under your eyes? Start to take care of it when you still have time in hand. Chronic dryness affects elasticity. When your skin loses its elasticity, premature wrinkles start to appear. Moreover, cracked skin opens the door for bacteria, leading to infections.

How to Treat Dry Skin Under Your Eyes?

General causes of dryness under the eyes can be treated at home. All you should keep in mind is that your skin becomes dry when it loses its moisture. And, the eye area is not an exception to it. Therefore, you should emphasize keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated.

a) Almond Oil

Take a few drops of almond oil. Massage it gently around the eyes to moisturize the skin.

b) Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is a great moisturizing agent. It boosts collagen production to fight signs of aging.

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c) Green Tea Bags

Vitamin E in green tea makes it work as a perfect hydrating agent. Green tea when applied on the skin under the eyes regenerates new cells and reduces dryness.

d) Butter

Butter has rich moisturizing properties. It is used to treat many skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Moreover, fatty acids in the butter help the skin to retain moisture.

Just applying the above-mentioned ingredients won’t help. Massaging it properly will help you keep wrinkles at bay. At the same time, it will heal dryness under the eyes more effectively.

Watch this video to know how to do eye massage correctly.


Foods to Eat to Fight Dry Skin Around Eyes


Foods rich in antioxidants can revamp dryness around the eyes. Fill your plate with skin-friendly foods. The foods you chose to eat should boost your skin health and moisturize it. Some of the foods to include in your diet are salmon, nuts and seeds, green leafy vegetables, avocado, olives, egg whites, and asparagus. You can also consult a dietician to get a customized diet plan.

Skincare Routine to Overcome Scaly Skin Under Eyes

Get Enough Fluid

Your skin needs water to stay hydrated. Drink eight to ten glasses of water every day. Also, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to give your body enough fluid.

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Use Gentle Facial Cleanser

Wash your face twice daily with a gentle cleanser. According to Mayo Clinic, strong cleansers can steal natural oil from your skin. On the other hand, gentle facial cleansers are safe to use around your eyes. It will keep your skin moisturized.

Massage with a Cream/Oil After Cleansing

Moisturize your skin immediately after cleansing. You can use oils recommended above or any hydrating cream to heal dry skin around the eyes. Make sure you’re applying the cream or oil on damp skin to lock in the moisture.

Use a Humidifier

A humidifier boosts the moisture in your skin. Set up a humidifier near your bed. This set up will keep your skin hydrated while you’re sleeping. Using a humidifier is especially recommended during winter as this season is mainly responsible for causing dryness.

What to Avoid To Fight Dry Skin Around Eyes?

Avoid Rubbing or Touching Your Eyes

Rubbing or touching frequently with unwashed hands can affect your skin. Unwashed hands have germs, which will transfer to your skin around the eyes.

Don’t Wash Face with Hot Water

Hot water relaxes the tired muscles instantly. But, hot water is definitely not good for your facial skin. Using hot water for washing your face can strip natural oils. Especially, from around your eyes. Hence, deal with this area with extra care.

Wearing Makeup Before Sleeping

Leaving the makeup overnight can dry out your skin. Use a cotton pad and a makeup remover to remove makeup. Gently press the pad on your skin and then drag it outwards. Repeat until you get rid of the last traces of makeup.

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