Pleated skirts suit all body silhouettes. There’s no age bar when it comes to wearing pleated skirts. As such, they’re becoming trendy among women of all ages. Whether it’s summer or winter, a pleated skirt can be worn all year round. Provided, you should know how to dress them up or down. Knowing how to wear pleated skirts will also enable you to slot them on for both casual and formal events.

There are tons of pleated skirt outfits. Pick the styles matching your taste and event type. So, scan through the lists.

What Tops Go with Pleated Skirts?

The options are endless. It all depends on your mood, skirt type, and of course, the season. If it’s summer, wear cotton short-sleeve tops, light-colored button-down shirts, or a simple plain t-shirt. Layering is advisable in winter. So, wear whatever tops you want and give it a layer with a blazer, long coat, etc.

Plus-size women! You should focus more on finding well-fitted tops. Generally, the pleated skirts are not flowy. Wearing well-tailored tops with them will help you look slimmer. Read this blog if you want to get more tips on how to look slimmer in winter if you’re fat.

Check out these tops and pleated skirts combinations for summer and winter.


 1. With a white tee, and a cardigan.

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Too many layers? Maybe. The scarf, the cardigan. But, it’s perfect when the weather is biting cold outside.

2. With a denim jacket worn as a cape over a white tee.

Image: Source

The mighty denim jacket can do magic. No doubt, a denim jacket is versatile and it looks extremely fashionable when worn with a pleated skirt.

3. With a turtleneck sweater and leather ankle boots.

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Turtleneck sweaters are winter must-haves. Though a winter wardrobe’s MVP, yet styling the turtleneck sweater is a little bit tricky. When paired with a pleated skirt, the turtlenecks look like a match made in heaven.

4. With a sweater, a blazer, a belt, and a pair of suede shoes.

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Elegant and classy, this outfit may require a little effort, yet no less stylish. Moreover, it’s completely unique. However, slim ladies can replace the slim belt with a wider one.

5. With a leather jacket.

Image: Source

6. With a sweater tucked in.

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7. With a blazer, chunky necklace, and a slim belt.

Image: Source

Get ready to embrace this style this fall.


8. With a cami top.

Image: Source

A close-fitting camisole or a cami is not only fashionable but is also perfect to fight the heatwaves during summer. Apart from allowing your skin to breathe, this simple pleated skirt outfit will also make you look damn stylish.

9. With a button-down shirt knotted at the waist.

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10. With a crop top.

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When the scorching hot weather rolls around, resort to your crop top. They are known for giving extra ventilation and look good on any body type. Wear a crop top with your pleated skirt and take a selfie and post it on Instagram to get huge likes.

11. With a denim shirt.

Image: Source

12. With a see-through shirt.

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How to Style a Short Pleated Skirt?

While wearing a short pleated skirt, follow these guidelines.

a) Don’t add too much layers.

b) Let the focus on be the pleats of the skirt.

c) Simple tops work best with short pleated skirts.

d) Avoid wearing tops that hide the pleats.

Here’re some of the short pleated skirt outfit ideas you can consider.

13. Keep it simple with a white graphic tee.

Image: Source

As Zoe Kravitz has dressed herself up. Pretty cool!

14. With a hoodie tucked in.

Image: Source

Wear black stockings and black strappy sandals for an ultra-glamorous look.

15. With a mockneck sleevless crop top.

Image: Source

This outfit will make you look lean and tall. Add a refreshing touch to the look with a pair of strappy heeled sandals.

16. With a denim shirt.

Image: Source

One denim, many looks. A denim shirt can be an excellent top for both short and long pleated skirts. You can change your hairstyle to bring a change to the look.

17. With a tucked in button-down white shirt.

Image: Source

18. With a vest and a shirt.

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19. With a cardigan.

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