Grey Nail Designs

The neutrality of grey provides a perfect backdrop to make the colors pop. Whether you’re looking for pastel nail designs or ombre acrylics, grey can be your failsafe color. No longer is it associated only with Mrs. Hinch’s house. On the contrary, the popularity of gray nail designs can be seen everywhere, from New York based Paintbox Nails to London’s Nails.

Grey nails complement all skin tones. Use it as a standalone color or as stripes or as confetti, grey color embraces all shades. Though not all fifty shades of grey are listed here, yet we’ve picked some of the easy-to-do grey nail arts. Scroll down and get some inspo for your next manicure.

Gray Nail Designs

Grey Acrylic Nail Designs

Acrylic nails are formed by mixing a powder polymer and a liquid monomer. Then, the paste is applied onto the nails with a brush and allowed for air drying. Grey acrylic nails have endless designs. Short shaped rounded or squared nails are perfect to flaunt this kind of nail art.

1. Mix of Grey and White

Gray Acrylic Nail Designs

Image: Source

2. Grey Nails with Glitter and Rhinestone

Gray Nail Designs

Image: Source

3. Gold French Tip Grey Acrylic Nails

Gray Nail Designs

Image: Source

4. Gray Acrylic Negative Space Nail Art

Gray Nail Designs


Grey Coffin Nail Designs


Coffin Nails look either like the top of a ballerina slipper or like a coffin. From style icons to celebrities, everyone loves grey coffin nails. If you’re looking for gray nail designs, don’t hesitate to go for the coffin nail versions. You can either use acrylics or natural nails to create the shape. This grey nail art looks amazing on both long and short nails. Coffin nails also have a feminine appearance. Furthermore, they’re more durable than stiletto nails.

Grey coffin nails suit many occasions. They look stylishly contemporary and utterly chic.

5. Grey Short Coffin Nails

Gray Nail Designs

6. Grey Ombre Coffin Nails with Stars

 Grey Ombre Coffin Nails with Stars

Image: Source

7. Cyberpunk Lines

Gray nails

8. Grey Coffin Plaid Nail Art

Grey coffin Nails

 9. Grey Spooky Coffin Nails

Grey Halloween Nails

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Light Grey Nail Designs

Light grey nails look elegant. Plus, they match well with both dark and light colors. Here, we’ve rounded up some light gray nail designs from various nail art styles. All the designs we’ve shared here are extremely easy to recreate.

10. Light Grey Nails with Silver Partition

Grey and silver nails

Image: Source

11. Words on Grey Nails

Words on Grey nails

Image: Source

12. Grey and Orange Robbin’s Eggs

Grey and orange nails

Image: Source

13. Light Grey with Silver Sequins

Grey and silver nails

14. V-shaped French Tips

Grey French tip nail designs

Image: Source

15. Light Gray and Copper Half Moon Nail Art

Light Grey and copper nail design

16. Accent Floral Nails

Grey accent floral Nails

Image: Source

Grey and White Nails

Grey when combined with white creates a calming look. Dark grey base can create a great contrast with white. Various grey and white nails are shared below. You can wear these nail designs on all special occasions.

17. Grey and White Swirls

Grey and white Swirl nail design

18. White and Plum Grey Polka Dots

Grey is white polka dots nail design

19. White Tip and Line on Grey Base

White tip and line on Grey nails

20. Letters and Hearts on White

White and light Grey nail designs

21. Grey and White Marble Nails

Grey and white marble nails

Image: Source

Grey and Black Nails

Here’s another inspo for simple grey nail ideas. Grey and black makes a great combination, especially when you use light grey.

22. Grey and Black Ombre Nails Adorned with Rhinestone

Black and Gray Nail Designs

Image: Source

23. Light Grey and Black Stripes with Caviar Beads

Light Grey Nail Designs

Image: Source

24. Matte Dark Grey and Black Nails

Matte Dark Grey and Black Nails

25. Grey and Black Nails with Silver Glitter

Grey and black nail designs

26. A Lover of Cow

Animal print Grey nails

Image: Source

Purple and Gray Nail Designs

If you’re not afraid to stand out of the crowd, this combination is for you. Purple color reflects ambition, luxury, and royalty. You can check out the list shared below to get some ideas on how to wear grey and purple together.

27. Ombre Spring Nails

Grey and purple ombre nails

Image: Source

28. Purple Grey Gel Nails

Purple and Gray Nail Designs

Image: Source

29. Grey and Purple Diagonal Nail Art

Purple and Gray Nail Designs

Image: Source

30. The Snake Print

Grey and Purple Nails

Image: Source

31. Glitters and Cross

Purple and Gray Nail Designs

Image: Source

Grey and Pink Nails

Romantic pink when worn with gray will create nail designs to make you fall in love with them. These gorgeous yet simple grey nail ideas can be your next go-to manicure.

32. Cute Pink and Grey Nails with Leaf

Pink and Gray Nails

Image: Source

33. Bright Pink and Gray Stripes Nail Designs

Pink and Gray Nail Designs

Image: Source

34. Pink and Grey Ombre Nails

Gray Nail Designs

Image: Source

35. Express Your Love

Pink and Gray Nail Designs

Image: Source

36. Pink and Gray Floral Nails

Gray Floral Nail Designs

Image: Source

Gray and Gold Nails

Gold nail polish, embellishments, or gold foil can take your game of gray nail designs to the next level. Here’re some classy and cute gray nails for you.

37. Gray Nails with Gold Embellishments and Glitters

Grey and gold nail designs

Image: Source

38. Abstract Nail Art

Grey and gold nail art

Image: Source

39. Gold and Dark Matte Gray Nails

Gold and Gray Nail Designs

Image: Source

40. Golden Edge

Grey and Gold Nail Designs

Image: Source

41. Gold and Gray Leaves

Gold and grey nail design

Image: Source

Grey and Blue Nail Designs

Grey is a cool hue for blue. Whatever shade of blue you pick, it will look amazing with grey. Customize these nail arts or recreate the look as they are.

42. Blue and Grey Glitter Nails

Blue and grey Glitter Nails

Image: Source

43. Animal Paws Prints

Grey and blue nail art

Image: Source

44. Geometric Blue and Gray Nail Design

Grey and blue Geometric Nail Designs

Image: Source

45. Blue and Grey Zigzag Nails

Blue and grey zigzag nails

Image: Source

46. A Tree in the Blue

Grey and light blue nail designs

Image: Source

Grey Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails are super bold and daring. They’re the favorite of many celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna. Having stiletto nails will make your nails appear longer. You can wear gray stiletto nails with any outfit. Explore our collection of this trendy gray nail designs.

47. Matte Gray Stiletto Nails

Matte Grey stiletto nails

Image: Source

48. Light Gray and White Stiletto Nails

Light gray and white stiletto Nails

49. Gray Clouds and Stars Nails

Grey Clouds and Stars Nails

50. Gray and Yellow Stiletto Nails

Grey and Yellow Stiletto Nails

Image: Source

51. Gray Floral Stiletto Acrylic Nails

Grey Floral Stiletto Acrylic Nails

Gray Marble Nails

When it comes to marble nails, gray, black, and white are the most popular colors. Marble nail designs are full of art and charm. Below you’ll see some gray marble nail designs.

52. Shades of Gray Marble Nails

Shades of Grey Marble Nails

53. Marble Acrylic Nails

Grey marble nails

54. Gray Stiletto Marble Nails

Grey stiletto marble nails

Image: Source

55. Gray and White Marble Nails

Grey and white marble nail designs

56. Dark Gray Water Marble Nails

Grey water marble nails

Image: Source

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Gray Summer Nails

Planning to wear something unique on nails during the beach days? Fret not. These set of gray summer nails worth copying.

57. Simple Gray Summer Nail with Golden Line

Grey and gold summer Nails

Image: Source

58. Bright Summer Gray Nails

Bright Grey summer nail designs

Image: Source

59. Gray Nails having Small Leaves

Summer simple Grey nails

Image: Source

60. Blue Dripping Summer Nails

Grey and blue summer Nails

Image: Source

61. Gray Coffin Summer Nails

Grey Coffin Summer Nails

Image: Source

Gray Winter Nails

Gray is a seasonless color. Therefore, you can use it throughout the year. The following images will show how to wear gray nails during winter.

62. Holographic Gray Nails

Grey holographic winter nails

Image: Source

63. Cute Gray Winter Polar Bear

Grey Winter nail designs

64. Wintery Snowflake Nails

Grey Winter snowflake Nails

Image: Source

65. Gray and Gold Chrome Nails

Gold and Gray Chrome Nails

Image: Source

66. Gray Gel Nails

Grey Winter Gel Nails

Image: Source 

Gray Christmas and New Year Eve’s Nails 

If you enjoy celebrating Christmas and New Year Eve, these nails bring something very special to match your festive mood. Scroll down to check out our picks.

67. Cute Christmas Nails with Festive Bear

Grey Christmas Nails

Image: Source 

68. Reindeer in the Snow 

Grey Xmas nail designs

Image: Source

 69. Frosty Snowman

Grey Frosty Snowman Nails

Image: Source 

70. String Lights and Green Xmas Tree

Grey and Green Christmas Nails

Image: Source

71. Christmas-Themed Glittery Gray Nail Designs

Grey Glitter Christmas Nails

Image: Source

72. Blue And Gray Christmas Nails

Gray and blue Christmas nail designs

Image: Source

73. New Year Splash Gray Nail Design

Grey New year Nails

Image: Source

74. Gold and Black Stripes New Year Nails

Grey and black New Year Nails

Image: Source

75. Cute Animal Art For New Years Nails

Grey New Year nail designs

Image: Source



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