Arguably, warm weather is the time for zen. As I am not an ice-queen, the approaching of summer brings a smile to my face. Summer means getting rid of layering and exposing your skin with pride. But, what I love most about summer is the pastel nails. Actually, it is one of my favorite weekend pastimes.

In the weekend mornings, after taking my coffee, I sat down googling trendy pastel nail colors and design ideas. To skip visiting the parlor for the same, I prefer simple nail designs that I can do at home. If your pastel collection is looking sad, use this as a guide to enhance the beauty of your nails with some pastel polish. From floral accents to punchier hues of tangerine, some simple yet beautiful pastel nail colors ahead.

1. Rainbow Nails

Cute and creative, these cool nail colors are a great way to beautify your nails with some fresh shades. With some trendy and stylish nail colors, these pastel nails are easy to get.

Watch this video to learn how to do the rainbow pastel nail design.

2. Cloud Pastel Nails

The nails are looking like a fairyland. Having glittering stars in between, the puffy clouds drawn are making the nails unique. From soft lavenders to the whimsical swirls of white, this is one of those pastel nail colors that are ruling Instagram. While scrolling Instagram feeds, you may have seen variations of these cloud-drawn nails.

If you want to learn how to get the cloud pastel nails as is shown in the image, watch the video.

3. Ombre Pastel Nails with Gel Polish

Ombre pastel nails are versatile. Whether you’re a classic white girl or have a lovely dark complexion, the bright ombre pastel nails will make you look like a show-stopper. Perfectly carrying the summer vibes, it is one of the easiest pastel nail art you can try at home.

All you need for this nail design are four gel polishes and a base and a topcoat. The colors used here are white, pink, blue, and neon yellow. Here’s the tutorial.

4. Stamp Pastel Nails

Whether it’s for daily or occasional wear, stamping nails are a great way to décor your nails. Depending on the designs you pick, you can either dress up or down your nails. Irrespective of the stamper you choose, this nail art trend is on the rise.

Having a fingerprint in the middle of the nail is an uncommon idea. Its uniqueness is further enhanced by designing the remaining part of the nail with the impressions of fingerprints.

Watch the video to learn how you can create the same.

5. Geometric Pastel Nail Art

You cannot go wrong with this simple geometric pastel nail design. Devoid of flashier colors, the girl has chosen soft colors like hues of lavender, sky blue, and peach. Geometry was never so much fun earlier (at least to me).

If you’re looking for a nail design that you can wear all day long, from office day to party night, this one is for you. Here’s the video tutorial.

6. Gradient French Tip Manicure

A French tip manicure is a safe starting point for those who have not much experience in doing nail arts. Feminine and classic, this Gradient French Tip manicure is a perfect choice for doing something on your nails that you can show off on special occasions.

The majority of the nail remains bare and only the tip is enhanced with color striping. If you’re curious about how this pastel Gradient French Tip Manicure is done, watch the video.

7. Pastel Swirls  

Another nail art in nude base. The swirls created in pastel colors are soothing to the eyes. If you love pretty swirls of colors on your nails, try this nail art. Don’t afraid to explore your creativity. Adding some top-quality glitters in between the swirls will increase the glamor of the nails.

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial video.

8. Robbin’s Egg Pastel Nails

Robbin’s eggs are an easy way to decorate nails. All you need to do is to add some black speckles on the solid pastel nail color you’ve picked for applying. This pastel nail design is adorable and easy on the eyes. Girls who don’t want to wear any crazy funky nail art to the office can try this design.

Ready to try? Watch this video tutorial.

9. Ombre Heart Pastel Nail Design

Going for a date? Express your love for your fiancé through this pastel nail idea. Though here pink and white acrylic paints are used, yet you can choose other pastel colors like lavender and creamy mint. This nail design will add oomph to the ‘grams you’ll post of the goodies.

Here’s the tutorial of this easy to do Ombre Heart Pastel nail design.

10. Black Bunny Ears

Funny and interesting. Bring out the childishness in you with this nail art.


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