How to grow high porosity hair? That’s the main problem of many girls when it comes to managing their hair. Oftentimes, we neglect the porosity while shopping for hair products. Therefore, we choose the wrong products, causing them more damage.

There are three different types of hair porosity, high, low, and normal. High porosity hair tends to get dry quickly. Therefore, it’s important to keep them moisturized. Thankfully, there are many diy hair masks for high porosity hair. These masks aim to moisturize dry and brittle hair.

How to Grow High
Porosity Hair?

Managing the high porosity hair can be like a nightmare to you. When it concerns growing high porous hair in the best possible way, focus on how you can lock the moisture in your hair. However, the tips shared below will help you add to the shine and make them look manageable. Plus, these hacks will enable you to retain the moisture in your hair.

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1. Milk and Hibiscus Hair Pack

Want to know how to grow high
porosity hair? Hibiscus can be your friend. Hibiscus has lots of healing
properties for hair. It seals moisture into the hair follicles and keep them
moisturized for a long time. Milk also keeps the hair moisturized and prevents
breakage (which is a very common issue of high porosity hair).

How to Apply?

Crush the hibiscus petals and add
them to the milk. Make a smooth paste with it and apply it all over your hair
from roots to the ends. Wait for 30 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.
Do it once weekly to keep your hair moisturized.

2. Aloe Vera Gel and Coconut Oil

Coconut oil reduces frizziness
and gives a softer look to the hair. Aloe vera gel is the star in this hair
mask. It will nourish your hair from deep within and make it lustrous and

How to Apply?

Take 4tsp of aloe vera gel and 1tsp of coconut oil in a bowl. Go on massaging this mixture on your scalp till all your hair are full of liquid. Keep it as it is for half an hour. Wash it off with a mild shampoo.

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3. Egg Wash

Going to try no poo method for the
first time? Get ready to bear the bad smell of egg for few minutes. Eggs work
as a conditioner. They also boost the volume of your hair.

How to Apply?

Wet your hair. Beat an egg and
add 1tsp of honey to it in a bowl. Apply it from scalp to the ends. Leave for
15 minutes. Use cool water to rinse your hair. And, don’t forget to condition

Go for this pack only once in a
month. It’s because doing egg washes too often can damage your hair.

4. Shea Butter

The ability of shea butter to
condition and moisturize the hair make it one of the most popular ingredients
in many readymade hair care creams.

How to Apply?

Section off hair. Use shea butter
to massage it onto your scalp in a circular motion with your fingertips. Or, you
can use comb to spread the butter to all of your hair without a miss. Let the
butter sit for one hour. Then, go for shampooing.

5. Glycerin

Frizziness and dullness in your
hair are caused by loss of moisture. Glycerol in glycerin controls the split
ends and makes your hair easy to tame.

How to Apply?

Mix equal quantities of glycerin
and water in a spray bottle. Use it as a spray bottle whenever you want to
manage your hair for styling. If you wish, you can also add few drops of
essential oils to it.

6. Banana Mask

Bananas have high moisture
content. For that purpose, many women use it to treat their dull and rough
hair. They improve elasticity and soften the hair.

How to Apply?

Peel off a banana and mash it. Apply it all over your scalp and on each hair. Keep it for one hour. Rinse it thoroughly with normal water. To make this mask more effective, you can add 1-2 tsp of honey to it.

7. Avocado Paste

Minerals, vitamin A and E, and
saturated fats in avocado help to nourish and moisturize your tresses.

How to Apply?

Take a peeled avocado and mash
it. Add one egg to it and make a smooth paste. Use it on your wet hair and
leave for 20 minutes. Go for rinsing your hair several times to get rid of the
residues of the mask properly.

Does High Porosity Hair Dry Quickly?

When you’ve high porous hair, it absorbs the water quickly. Hence, the hair dries up so fast that it may become tough for you to style with it. Therefore, you may need to moist it during styling. Here’s the little easy-to-follow steps to moisten your hair.

Take a Spray Bottle: Give your hair a few sprays to moisten them. When they’re moistened enough, you can easily style with them.

Use a Leave-in Conditioner: The more the thickness of the conditioner, the longer your hair will remain wet. Just distribute the conditioner evenly on your hair so as to avoid any tiny white balls.

Go for Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse: Once you’ve taken shower, help keep the cuticles stay close by rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar. This rinse will flatten the hair, make it easy for them to hold a style.

Use a Heat Protectant: Go for using a heat protectant before dry heating your hair. This will protect your hair from the damages heat can cause to them.

If you’re still not sure about
the type of your hair, take this test. This test will clearly tell you the hair
type you’ve.

Best Oils for High
Porosity Hair

Castor Oil

The strand sealing property of
castor oils makes them one of the best oils for high porosity hair. Their
antibacterial and antifungal properties clean up scalp-related problems while
retaining the moisture you need.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is packed with
vitamin E, which supplies the required moisture to your hair. Being a heavy
oil, it becomes a good option for those combating damaged hair.

Olive Oil

As compared to coconut oil, olive
oil is a super moisturizing agent that can help you to seal the strands easily.

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Deep Conditioning for
High Porosity Hair

Regular deep conditioning
treatment is important for your curl care routine. You should go for deep
conditioning after every wash. Slather on generous amount. Apply them on your
hair and wait for one minute. Then, rinse thoroughly.

Or, you can go for this nourishing treatment too. Take a warm towel or a plastic cap to cover your hair after applying the conditioner. Wait for 15 mins. You can also keep it overnight and rinse the hair the next morning for better results.

Doing deep conditioning twice a
week can bring back life to the hair.

Protein Treatment

If your hair is damaged severely,
switch to a protein treatment once in a week. And, if the hair isn’t very much
damaged yet, try protein treatment every alternative week. Damaged haired girls
should use larger proteins like mayonnaise, eggs, wheat, gelatin, and soy. Use
of larger proteins bridge the gap between your hair cuticles. Consequently,
moisture stick to your hair for a long period of time.

Mayonnaise Protein Treatment for 4c High Porosity Hair

Mix 6-7tsp of mayonnaise with 4tsp of coconut oil and 2tsp of honey in a bowl. Clean your hair with moisture retain shampoo prior to applying this pack. Once your hair is dry, make sections by partying the hair. Apply the mask on all sections of your hair in a way that all the hair gets covered with it.

After applying, wear a shower cap. Wait for 20 mins. Then, wash off your hair with normal water.

Tips to Remember to Grow High Porosity Hair

Detangle Your Hair Gently

High porosity hair has open
cuticles. As such, they are more prone to get tangled. Therefore, you’ve to be
extra careful and gentle while de-tangling them. Choose a wide toothed comb to
do this job. Moisten your hair with an oil or a conditioner before you start to
de-tangle them to ensure less breakage, and hair fall.

Limit Use of Chemicals and Heat

As already said, excessive use of
chemicals and heat can also make your hair highly porous. If you want to
maintain the overall health of your curls, skipping the frequent use of
chemicals and heat will be good for you. And, if you’ve no other way out but to
apply heat, go for deep conditioning beforehand to enhance the hair’s strength.

Stay Safe from Harsh Shampoos

Sulfates are the enemies of your
hair. They are harsh cleansers. Steal moisture from hair, and make them rough. After
using shampoos containing sulfates, you may observe a dry and itchy scalp along
with a squeaky feeling.

Notice Breakage Signs

how to grow high porosity hair

Keeping an eye on breakage will
enable you to determine when should you start the hair care regimen and how
often. Breakage occurs when your hair cannot get the much needed moisture and

Use Cotton Tees to Dry Your Hair

Drying your hair vigorously with
a towel trigger friction and lead to breakage. Cotton t-shirts have smooth
fiber. If possible, use them to dry your hair and protect them from getting

Use Lukewarm Water Only

Hot water lifts the cuticles and
cause damage to the hair. Therefore, wash your hair with lukewarm water every
time you shampoo and condition it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Common Issues Girls with High Porosity Hair Face?

The girls with highly porous hair often cannot able to retain their hair length. Their hair fails to grow long easily.  Plus, their hair tangles easily and have split ends.

Will the LOC Method Work on My High Porosity Hair?

In LOC, L stands for Liquid, O
for Oil, and C for Cream.

LOC method allows the
curly-haired girls to keep their hair moisturized for hours. If you’ve 4c high
porous hair, try LCO instead of LOC. It means that you’ve to apply the liquid
first, then cream, and follow it by applying oil.

L: Liquid or water helps to
retain moisture and hydrate the hair.

O: Oil helps to hold the water as
the water on highly porous hair tends to dry fast. Take only the oils mentioned
above as they will penetrate the hair and not just will remain sit on your

C: Creams act as moisture
sealants. Shop for a good cream product of your choice. Just check whether the
cream is thick enough to not to allow your hair to become dry quickly.

the details here to get a clearer idea about what it is.

Can You Suggest Some Styles for High Porosity Hair?

One of the main issues of highly porous hair is that they
tangle very, very, fast. So, you can’t even think of playing with your tresses.

Protective styles is your fail-safe bet. The protective styles will not only prevent the hair from tangling but will also enable them to hold the style for quite a long time. Some of the styles you can try are:

a) Flat twists

b) Braids

c) Two strand twists

However, there are many other styles too. Always, listen to
your hair and pick the style that suits your face shape and yet not harming your
hair in any way.

Can I Fix My High Porosity Hair?

Fixing the high porous hair
completely isn’t possible. All you can do is to make them little manageable and
prevent them from looking very rough and flyaway. The tips shared on how to
grow high porosity hair will help you to flatten the strands a little. But,
that too is not going to happen overnight. Though it will show some positive results

To get flatten curls, you’ve to
stick to a result-driven hair care routine. For that, you can try any of the
tips discussed above. Whichever suits your hair type the most, stick to it for
5-6 months to get any lasting result. And, once you get the result, you’ve to
carry on following the routine. Otherwise, all your efforts of six months will
go in vain.

Can Dyes Further Damage My Hair?

Coloring or bleaching your hair can damage them further. As high porosity hair absorbs all kinds of liquids fast, the dyes will penetrate the hair quickly and will be over-absorbed. The harmful ingredients in dyes will reach deep inside the hair, and make your hair more rough and brittle.

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