Short haircuts for women? Ah, that’s cool! If you’re confident enough to rock the look, the options are endless. Textures, accessories, partings, and many more. Maybe you’re inspired from pixie crop of Scarlette Johnson. Or, you just want to look stylish like Damaris Goddrie with her defined curls. First of all, you’ve to decide how short is too short. In this blog, you’ll see 68 short hair haircuts for women and 5 hairstyles for short hair. Plus, we’ll also tell you what does short hair length actually mean.

So, start scrolling.

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What Is Short Hair Length?

Hair length from above the ears to just below your chin can be called short hair. Most of the shorter haircuts have lengths less than 2.25 inches. Consider your hair type while deciding the length you want for your hair.

Types of Short Haircut and Hairstyles

1.Short Defined Curls

Defined curls look classy. Damaris is looking superb with her just-above shoulder length curls. If you’ve thick and curly hair, it will look pretty on you too.

short haircuts for women

 2. Root Fade Long Blonde Pixie

Have fine, thin hair. No worries. Long pixie cut is just for you. Once you get the cut, choose your favorite blonde shade and highlight the surface layers. This short style hair will create an illusion of thick hair and give your hair more depth.

3. Short Wavy Bob

Waves are a blessing when it comes to style. Deep part your hair to add to the drama. Spray sea salt to the roots to augment your waves. You can also go for an angled cut with more length towards the front. Before cutting, decide how you want to frame your face.

short haircuts for women

4. Wavy Razored Bob

Girls with thick hair out there! Here’s the gorgeous haircut for you. Wavy razored bob is easy to handle. It looks good on women of all ages. The sassiness and chic of this haircut is making it increasingly popular among women who don’t get enough time to maintain their hairstyles.

short haircuts for women

 5. Face Framing Layered Pixie Cut

Face framing layered side swept pixie cut has made Kerry Washington steal the show. When she walked on the red carpet of Vanity Fair Oscars party in 2019, there was hardly anyone who can take his eyes off her.

 6. Ultra Blunt Bob

Edgy and straight forward, ultra blunt bob looks perfect on almost all face shapes. Minimum layer and chin-length cut defines this hairstyle. Play with this haircut by adding more variations. For sleek look, give it a flat-ironed finish. Get more bangs, if you want to flaunt with messy look. Or, have both of them.

7. Shoulder Blunt Bob with Contrasting Fringes

Bangs paired with shoulder blunt bob can elevate your sensuousness. This is ultra-modern and is the perfect option to frame your face. So, why are you waiting to try it?

short haircuts for women

8. Classic Shaggy Pixie

Stay cool this summer with classic shaggy pixie cut. Celebrity hairstylist, Arsen Gurgov says that shaggy pixie cut is a popular haircut for spring. Apply little pomade or styling cream to give it more texture.

9. Pixie with Short Bangs

The pixie cut queen, Audrey Hepburn’s short hair bangs are timeless and chicest. Go for it and give lots of sass to your everyday look.

10. Neck Length Wavy Bob

Neck Length Wavy Bob is one of those short haircuts for women that calls for low maintenance. If you want to keep length of your hair even, give this style a try. It is one of those short cut hairstyles that will make your hair look thick.

short haircuts for women

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11. A-Line Bob with an Undercut

Make others jealous with this edgy hairstyle. Even though it is bold, still you can get feminine look if you properly manage it. Consider your hair type before you ask your hairstylist for this cut.

12. Curled under Sleek Brown Bob

Craving for something more sleek and smooth? The light layers of this bob haircut blends without much hassle. Make sure you’ve curl the ends in so that they cannot flip out. And you’ll get a polished-girl bob.

 13. Angled Short Bob

Angled bob hairstyle adds bounce to your hair. The long and short tresses and the heightened silhouette at the back of your head make you look modern. You can give it a messy look or keep it polished.

14. Bowl Cut

Bowl cut is the trending style for short haircut. If you’ve a round face with a sharp jaw, this cut will look perfect on you. However, you need to have the confidence to carry this cut.

15. White Blonde Medium Bob

Feathered and tousled bob that isn’t much short is the style that will fit your personality. If you’ve thin hair, this short haircut will add volume to your hair.

16. Sleek Shoulder-Length Bob

Thumbs up for bob. Just take out your straighteners and get the sleek behind the ear tuck. However, middle parting will look best with this style.

17. Little Bob Little Pixie

I loved the hair cutting style short of Scarlett Johansson, as shown here. A mix of little bob and little pixie, this haircut has turned every eyes on her as she walked away.

short haircuts for women

18. Super Short Crop

Super Short Crop of Rowan Blanchard is simply flattering. It doesn’t need much maintenance and yet looks super-classic. Isn’t it?

19. Voluminous Bob with Bangs

Whether you want a soft sweet look or a bold look, voluminous bob with bangs is all set for you. If you’re inspired from the rock-chic aura of Taylor Swift, apply texturizing spray and play with more loose waves.

20. Shaggy Layered Cut

Shaggy silvery layered cut just like Emmylou Harris can enhance your beauty. If you lack the time to go to your stylist often, this haircut is all you need.

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21. Asymmetrical Bob

Edgy yet not too short, asymmetrical bob deserves a place in the list of your must-try haircuts. If you can’t go out without a pony, this style will allow to have it too.

short haircuts for women

 22. Vintage Curls

Bouncy mid-length vintage curls has crossed the barriers of time. It looks contemporary. Style this curl to one side. Brush your hair out to make the waves appear more voluminous.

short haircuts for women

23. Mohawk Variation

Oval and diamond face shaped women are perfect to go with this short hairstyle. This style suits specifically to women of 20-32 age group. Summer is the best season to try this haircut.

24. Trendy Chinese Upfront Haircut

Asymmetrical Chinese front bang is a great option if you’ve a broad forehead. Wear tees, sportswear, and jumpers to create a bold fashion statement with it.

25. Tousled Lob

Give tousled lob a go to pep up your hair game. With little bit of twist, scrunch, and heat application, your created tousled lob is all set to go. Check out this link to get more idea about how to get this short hairstyle.

26. Softly Flipped Lob

If you’re craving for a low-maintenance romantic hair look, softly flipped end lob of Sienna Miller can be your hair inspo. Make sure you’re visiting an experienced hairstylist to get this cut.

27. Cute Textured Pixie Bob

Short cut hairstyles are good for wide faces. This cute textured pixie bob is cool and easy to style and carry. Moreover, as it makes your neck bared, it’s a soothing haircut for summer season.

28. Shaved Sides

Ready to go bold? Maybe, you’d love to try Samira Wiley’s severe cut shaved sides. She has emphasized her long face with close shave on both sides.

short haircuts for women

29. One Side Shaved

Katy Perry is looking marvelous with this quiff on one side and shaved haircut on the other. The haircut is a class in itself. Her look reminds me of Miley Cyrus. What about you?

30. 90s Style Fringe

Coco Rocha, the woman who has showed us many different hairstyles. I like almost all her haircuts. Whether it’s a sharp bob or a 90s style fringe, she has the confidence to swag with all styles. LOVE!

31. Short Bob with Minimum Layers

Short bob of Katie Holmes is for those who are not pixie lovers. The hair will stay above your chin with minimal layers. Side part your hair to give it a neat look.

32. Tomboy Hairstyle

Tomboy hairstyle is cool and easy to handle for everyone. It has perfectly blended tomboy and womanly feel. Moreover, this is the trend that will never go out of fashion.

short haircuts for women

33. Loose Beach Waves

Loose beach waves is an outstanding option for short layered bob. You can style it quickly and without using too many products. If you’ve curly fine hair, this cut will create the illusion of fullness.

34. Wavy Fringe

Wavy locks with bangs can add to your style. Give dimension to your face with waves. Wavy fringes are unique and go well with almost all face shapes. However, if you’ve medium length hair (as is shown here), the style will look more defined.

35. Balayage

Easy upkeep and glamorous hairstyle is right here for you. Apply some hair textured spray to lift your hair naturally. Pick the right hair color to look absolutely stunning. Whatever type of hair you’ve, you can give this cut a go.

36. Rounded Bob

Soft edges of rounded bob are winning the hearts of fashionistas. Sophisticated and not too stuffy, this haircut can give you a super sleek or tousled look. Just tell your hairdresser what you want.

37. Centre Parted Short Bob

Chic and simple, center parted short bob is the style for those who have fine and straight hair. The main characteristic of this style is it is easy to carry and is all about practicality. From homemakers to office-going women, everyone will feel comfy in it.

short haircuts for women

38. Bowl Crop

Bowl crop has taken a U-turn. With bangs, this style is looking completely new. However, you’ve to dress very smart to suit this haircut. This pic will give you some idea.

39. Bottom Heavy Bob

Most of the times, layered bob has thin ends. Here, you’ll see an exact opposite of it. The brushed out curls of this style is a reminiscent of Old Hollywood. Lower part of the hair is heavy with curls. And the side swept bangs are making it wow-worthy.

40. Short Spikey Pixie

Spikey pixie means longer length hair at your temple. Go for it if you’ve thin hair. This style can give you a lot of versatility. Irrespective of your age, you can try this look.

41. Liberated Gray Hair Shag

Messy, chic, and full of fun. These are the words that describe this hair shag aptly. Apply little spray wax to hold the layers (both shaggy and disconnected ones) around your face. It looks specifically awesome on oval-shaped, triangular, and heart-shaped faced women.

42. Tousled Curls

Tousled curls is for everyday wear. Alanna Arington’s tousled curls is inspiring and stylish. If you’re not ready to cut your hair too short, this haircut can be your friend. Look after the curls properly to maintain them.

short haircuts for women

43. Outgrown Undercut:

Stress out your heavy eye makeup with outgrown undercut. Simply bring the outgrow hair to the front and get the look of 90s Backstreet Boys.

44. The Undercut Swipe

Swipe it whichever side you want. Count in your face shape while parting your hair. The only flaw of this hairstyle is you’ve to use hair product to hold the spike. Is it really an issue for you?

45. Curly Pixie

Pixie has a lot of variations (as you’ve already seen). Curls at the temple gives the cut a special kind of charm. It’s smart and cool. The style may have a boyish vibe yet it is feminine too.

46. Cropped Slick Back

Nix your hair fuss with this cropped slick back hairdo. Side part your hair to add more elevate its appeal. And copy the style of Karen Gillan effortlessly.

47. Afro and Buzz Cut

Afro? Buzz cut? Why not try both? Lupita Nyong’o desperately tries different hairstyles. She always boast her natural curly hair with proud, as she did with this hairstyle too.

48. Soft Retro Curls

As Mandy Moore replaced her lob with a bob, she never stops herself from exploring various bob styles. Her soft retro curls is a proof that even a-line cut can make you gorgeous if you know how to play with it.

short haircuts for women

49. Long Pixie

Straight, sleek, wavy, or sassy, do whatever style you want. Yes, the long pixie is all set to style you in different ways. One good point is that you don’t have to use too many styling products for it. Great!

short haircuts for women

50. Gravity Defying Curls

A combination of pixie cut and retro curls, this hairdo is for everyone. The sides and back are sleek while there’s more drama at the temple. Use a good hairspray to lift the curls properly.

short haircuts for women

51. Modern Mullet

Do you remember Zendaya’s look at the 2016 Grammy’s? Well, she had tried modern mullet. Long hair at the back and fringes at the front while the temple has a pixie cut look. The hairstyle doesn’t impress me at all. I will prefer to play safe and am not going to be a copycat of her (speaking in terms of hair only).

short haircuts for women

52. Messy Layers

Sassy and timeless, messy layers can be done with little effort. You can give it a go for office as well as to attend night parties. Flaunt the style with a side part to give it a polished look. Moreover, it requires almost no maintenance.

short haircuts for women

53. Curly Bangs

Soft curly bangs on a pixie style? Wow! Great! It’s a cool style. Whether it’s for casual or formal event, it is a safe choice to match your persona. This style is especially for faces with sharp edges.

short haircuts for women

54. Short Bob Half Updo

Half updo for short hair looks absolutely stunning. Get this piece-y look by taking some hair from your front section. Make a bun with them. If you want a messy look, tie the bun loosely with a band. It will make your hair look voluminous. Just apply dark blonde highlights at the top and swag.

short haircuts for women

55. Bob with Side Fringes

This cut highlights the beautiful eyes of Jaimie Alexander. Silhouette at the temple and curved at the sides, haircuts like these are ultra-trendy. As such, she has got a contemporary look with it. If you’ve a square-shaped face like her, you can frame the angles of your face with this ultra-trendy short hairstyle.

56. The Pompadour

Want a retro look? The pompadour style is right here. Apply some mousse to slick back your hair. Needless to say, thick and curly haired girls cannot try this hairdo.

short haircuts for women

57. Balayage Bob

If you love your coquetry and softness, balayage bob is the style for you. However, you’ve to have healthy hair so as to apply colors and hold that color for long. Apart from being classy and fresh, it is also easy to handle.

58. Flippy Short Layers

Women are always busy. And, that’s why, it’s one of those short cut hairstyles that can make women go stylish in a hassle-free way. If you wish, you can volumizing spray for fullness.

short haircuts for women

59. Feathered Bob

Curl your natural tresses as much as you want with this full feathered pronto bob. If you’re going to give it a try, use a satin pillowcase for sleeping. Otherwise, your curls will mess up.

60. Slick and Simple Bob

Chery Fernandez-Versini has the guts to try new hairstyles. And, she has the confidence to rock with every haircut. The super-short slick version of bob adds to her elegance. Moreover, you don’t need many styling products to get this look. So, when are you going to try it?

61. Tight Curls

From short to medium length hair, every girl can look awesome in tight curls. Use curl cream of your preferable brand to scrunch the curls. Part your hair in different sections. Twist them one by one with your finger. Apply some anti-frizz serum at the end to hold the look.

short haircuts for women

62. Shaved Pixie

Versatile, sporty, and bold. All these make it one of the most loved short haircuts for women. Yes, that’s what define a shaved pixie cut. The creativity at the nape makes the style more attractive. Plus, it’s the cut for low-maintenance mornings.

short haircuts for women

63. Super-Short Afro Curls

Angolan model, Maria Borges never step back to flaunt her super-short natural afro curls. Sometimes, she skips hair extensions and attends major event with this natural look. Her confidence has really inspired many people in the fashion world.

Once you cut the hair, you’d love to style with it. You may be thinking there’s not many hairstyles you can do with short hair. Hold your breath! I’m going to reveal some extremely easy to do and stylish hairstyles for short cuts. So, read on.

Hairstyles for Short Hair

1. Faux Updo

Make a stylish faux updo out of your short hair. Follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Take your curler and curl up your hair away from face.

Step 2: Find where you want to keep your headband. Take it across the crown of your head and secure it with bobby pins.

Step 3: After that take some hair from your front section. Twist and take them over your head band. Make sure the twisted hair are looking like a crown.

Step 4: Go on twisting to cover all the gaps.

Step 5: Once you are done apply hair spray to hold the hair in its place.

Click here to see the step by step guide.

2. Double Dutch Pigtail

If you have patience and are a college or school going girl, then try Double Dutch Pigtail. Read the steps to know how to do it.

Step 1: Center part your hair.

Step 2: Take some hair one part of your front section.

Step 3: Make a Dutch Braid with it.

Step 4: Do the same with other part of your hair.

Step 5: Secure the braid by tying them with elastic bands at the end.

To know how to do it step by step, click here.

3. Retro Bouffant

hairstyles for short hair

The cute short retro bouffant hairdo styles are great for prom nights. Follow these easy steps to do it quickly.

Step 1: Part your hair from center. Take some hair from your crown section and clip it off making a puffed up hairstyle.

Step 2: Make sure you’re leaving some hair at the front.

Step 3: Now, take the hair from the front section to just below where you’ve made the bouffant and secure those strands of hair with bobby pins.

Step 4: Comb the front part so as you to give the hairstyle a neat look.

4. Beehive Style for Short Hair Cut

hairstyles for short hair

I’ve tried this style on my hair. However, I could make only half up and half down beehive style with my short hair. Read on to know how.

Step 1: Comb your hair thoroughly to untie all the knots.

Step 2: Take some hair from your front section and tie it with an elastic band at the end.

Step 3: Roll the hair inwards to make a puff.

Step 4: Use bobby pins to hold them in its place.

Step 5: Make sure that the hair at the backside of your scalp is looking neat. For better understanding, check out the image.

5. Simple Side Braid

If the front section of your hair remains greasy most of the times, do this short hair hairstyle without thinking twice.

Step 1: De-tangle your hair using a comb.

Step 2: Tie all of your hair while leaving only a few strands at the front section.

Step 3: Make a side Dutch braid with the hair from your front section.

Step 4: Take the braid at the backside of your scalp and secure them using hair clips or bobby pins.

Check out the steps in the image to get a more clear idea.

Are Pixie Cuts In For 2020?

Some of my favorite a-listers from Zoe Kravitz to Cara Delevingne, all are proving that pixie cuts are flattering. If you’re a trend follower, then go for this big chop. You’ll look damn smart by embracing the super-short pixie cut. I think that it is one of those styles with short hair, which is not going to fade any sooner.

Does Bob Hair Look Good On Thick Hair?

Different types of bob haircuts are out there. If you’ve thick hair, try Concave bobs. This style is particularly good for those girls who want to look stylish yet don’t get enough time to manage their hair. It has long hair at the sides while short at the back. It will create a layer-like look on your thick hair.

How to Choose a Haircut?

You may not pull off the hairstyle your fav celeb pulls off so well. Oops, did I hurt you? Well, this is the harsh truth you should face. Various factors decide which type of haircut will look good on you. Some of these factors are:

a) Find out your hair type. Is it wavy? Or, curly? Or, straight?

b) Consider the shape of your face.

c) Follow hair care routine for some weeks.

d) Visit your hair stylist and ask her or him which haircut will suit your face.

e) Post your real life photos and ask your pals to comment on your new look.

Wrapping Up

After reading, I’m sure you’ve already selected the haircut and style you’d love to get. Whatever your hair type is, proper care for your hair will help you to look gorgeous. Also, get in touch with an experienced hairstylist for getting the look.



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