The opening of the hair follicles on the skin are known as pores. It helps to expose the oil and sweat. Nose pores are normally larger than other pores of the skin. The sebaceous glands of the pores produce natural oil or sebum in the skin.

Normally in case of oily skin, the pores look enlarged. Due to excess production of oil, the dirt and the dead skin cells gets easily trapped and make the pores look big. This is very common, which as a result make your skin looks unhealthy. Sometimes it may cause severe acne problems. 

However, if you want to know how to remove clogged pores on the nose, this blog is right for you.

Causes of Large Nose Pores

1. Damage Caused By Sun

Reduction of collagen due to sun exposure and humid climate is one of the major cause of enlarged nose pores. This can also cause wrinkles. Your skin remain firm and healthy due to collagen. Increased sun exposure can trigger sagging around the edges. It results in water level reduction in your skin.

2. Genetic Problem

One of the important role of enlarged nose pores is genes. So there will be a chance of having large pores, if any one of your parents have this. Genetic is responsible for growing skin pores around nose, cheeks and forehead. 

3. Increased Sebum Production

Excessive sebum production is also one of the main cause of enlarged skin pores. The Sebaceous gland of each pores secretes sebum. Skin becomes more oily, when this glands produce excess oil. Though, sebum is good for the skin as it works as a natural moisturizer but when it creates excess oil, it is a big problem. 

4. Hair Follicles Become Large

The hair follicles of every hair are covered under pores. The hair follicles are open due to the pores. When the follicles of hair becomes large your pores will also be large. 

5. Skin Losses Elasticity

As you grow older, your skin loses it’s elasticity. This makes your pores look bigger. This makes your skin look saggy and stretched. Due to aging process, there are reduction in the collagen production in the skin which as a result make your skin less firm.

How to Remove Clogged Pores on Nose

1. The best time to start this routine is about an hour or to before you go to sleep as you need to keep your skin dry until the next morning. 

As a first step, wash your face thoroughly using a cleanser that contains salicylic or glycolic acid. These ingredients, are also effective at removing sebum or oil, exfoliate the top skin layer, which is mostly dead cells.

Use the pads of your fingers to massage the product in, and leave it on for a minute before thoroughly rinsing. Gently pat dry. 

2. Use a face streamer. If you don’t have one, pour very hot water in a  bowl and stand over it to allow the steam to flow over your face until the water cools down. This process softens the skin and loosens dirt and oils clogging your pores. 

3. With the face still a little moist from the steam, apply a nose blackhead removal product according to the manufacturer’s directions. Some come in specially-shaped strips that fit over the nose, while others are a paste or gel that you spread on.

Leave your chosen product on your nose for the recommended amount of time to pull out whiteheads and blackheads

4. To remove deep-seated blackheads, try using a come done extractor.  Typically made of surgical steel, this tool has a small hoop one end and a sharp needle on the other. Usually, aesthetician use the latter to prick pimples and the former to squeeze gunk out of pores and inflamed zits. 

To minimize pain and trauma to the skin, steam your face once more before manual extraction. Don’t forget to disinfect the tool with 70% rubbing alcohol, and remember not to press too hard. The trick is to coax the blackheads out of applying pressure on the area surrounding the pore. Too much pressure will only drive the sebum deeper into the pore, where it can cause inflammation and pimple formation. 

After manual extraction, rinse your face with ice water; the cold causes pores to constrict and also help minimize skin irritation. Pat dry. 

5. Finally, apply a sheet mask over your face to soothe and moisturize. After 20 to 30 minutes, remove, then massage any remnants onto your skin and let it air dry. Keep your usual night time routine; no more washing your face or applying additional products before going to sleep. 

Upon waking up the next morning, wash your face with ice water and your usual facial cleanser. You’ll see that your pores look smaller and less obvious. 

You can make this routine on how to shrink pores on nose overnight a twice-weekly regimen in between daily use of skin care products with pore-minimizing qualities. 

On days when you really need your nose look perfectly smooth and even, dab a thin layer of silicone-based primer to fill in your pores and make them look airbrushed. 


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