A black suit is the fail-safe wardrobe staple. It is classic, elegant, and suits different hair colors and complexions. So, investing in such a piece of kit is definitely worth the money. It adds authority to your closet. Find the best companions for your darkest suit, and stand out in the sea of people wearing pale colored suits. When combined with right shirts, shoes, and ties, the sophistication that only black suits can give you is unparalleled.

However, they are not for every occasion. You have to know when to wear a black suit. So, here’s everything you need to know before buying them for your next event.

Is a Black Suit Formal?

Undoubtedly, black is a formal color. If you’ve to attend a formal event, opt for a black suit without a second thought. It reigns supreme to attend a business event. With that in mind, avoid wearing it for casual events.

As this color is too formal, you definitely cannot choose it as a regular business suit. If you still want to get a more relaxed look with this suit, wear a lightweight and patterned suit. I’m going to tell you clearly where this colored suit will work best. Scroll down.

Are Black Suits Only for Funerals?

We’ve seen James Bond is wearing a black suit to mourn the deaths in both Diamonds Are Forever and Rome in Spectre. Actually, the traditional appropriate use of black suit is for mourning. To attend funerals, most guys opt for this color. That’s why, many people make the mistake of linking this color only with funeral attending purposes. Black suits are definitely not the funeral attire only. These suits can be worn at different cocktail parties and even business events.

Can You Wear Black Suit for an Interview?

Black is the serious color. Therefore, choosing it for an interview can make you look odd. Though formal and elegant, yet black suits are often considered too harsh for interviews.

If your black suit is lucky for you, pair it up with a pale colored shirt having light patterns. Lessen the seriousness of black color with a patterned grey color tie. Also, adopt a friendly and enthusiastic approach contrary to the conservative nature of black. This approach will help to minimize the serious vibe that black generally gives.

Above all, do a little research about the office dress code rules and environment prior to choosing your interview attire.  

Is it Ok to Wear a Black Suit to a Wedding?

Evaluate your invitation. If the bride and groom don’t have any wedding dress code, black suit can be a no-fail option. If the level of formality is too high, wear a white tie, a wing collar white shirt with your tuxedo black suit.

On the contrary, if the wedding has medium formality level, pair up your collared shirt with black suit. As the event is little less formal, skip to wear a tie. When it comes to shoes, a pair of polished loafers can be your pick.

However, avoid wearing a black suit if you’re dressing up for a beach wedding. For beach weddings, light colored summer suits work best.

Where Can You Wear a Black Suit?

Most of the times, the invitations give you the biggest clue. If you’re in doubt, these are the places where you can choose to wear black.

a) Office Christmas parties

b) Weddings

c) Funerals

d) Cocktail parties

How to Wear a Black Suit?

Black suits have more than one way to wear them. It can enhance your sophistication if you follow these styles.

A Black Shirt

For some manly refinement, team up the suit with a black shirt. Plus, wear a red lapel pin and a black tie.

A White Shirt

Inject more sophistication into your styling routine with a white shirt. Slip into black leather monks to amplify your wow-factor.

A Polo Neck Sweater

A black suit when worn with a black polo neck sweater can make you look camera-worthy. Give it a more polished yet carefree look by wearing burgundy leather casual boots and a black leather belt.

Grey Printed Shirt

A grey print shirt can be put together with a black suit. Polished and classic. Finish off the look with black chunky leather derby shoes.

A Light Blue Shirt

Looking for an extra smart getup? Try a light blue shirt. Complement the pairing with a black leather oxford shoes. For a more formal look, pick a tie with black and blue stripes.

A Navy Overcoat

Take the classiness to the next level with a navy overcoat and get the today’s gentleman look. On the shoes front, stay comfortable by wearing black leather loafers. If the weather is chill, tie a scarf around the neck.

A Charcoal Puffer Coat

Show your love for fashion more by teaming your charcoal puffer coat with the black suit, black and white stripe tie, and white shirt.

A Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Combine leather bomber jacket with your black suit. Undoubtedly, it will look damn stylish and dapper. Rev up the appeal with black leather derby shoes.

A Black Cotton Waistcoat

Combine black suit with a black cotton waistcoat and e the definition of class. Wear a navy and black striped shirt underneath.

A Red Shirt

Give your style a contemporary spin with a red shirt. Spruce up the look with a maroon and white polka dot tie. Also, go for a red pocket square.

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A Navy Quitted Barn Jacket

Nail the black suit look with a navy quitted barn jacket. Surely, it will make you stand out from others. Finish off the ensemble with black leather oxford shoes.

A Graphic Tee

Let the graphic do the talking. A crisp tee with a strong graphic on it can up your sporting vibe. If your tee is either black or white, put on white sneakers.

How to Choose Patterns of Your Black Suit?

Wearing the plain suit round the year is boring. Bring in some patterns to jazz up the style further. Here’re some black suit patterns you can choose.

a) Windowpane Pattern

When a windowpane pattern is your taste, match it up with a plain light colored shirt and tie.

b) Striped Pattern

Striped suits are little old-fashioned. However, you can bring some modern twist to it with a pencil-thin stripes. Striped suits are great for short-height guys.

What Shirt’s Colors to Wear for Different Skin Tones?

Black suits are for all skin tones. For that, you’ve to choose the right color shirt. As for instance, if your skin tone is fair, warm color shirts such as minty green, light pink, and pale blue are for you.

Oppositely, guys with dark skin tones should go for vibrant yellow or blue colors. Actually, any bold colored shirts are for them.

What Type and Color of Shoes to Wear?

Derby or Oxford shoes in navy, oxblood, brown, and black colors are your safe bet. If you want to get a more relaxed vibe, a pair of Chelsea boots and monkstrap shoes can walk that extra mile for you.

Apart from these, a pair of sneakers can also be included. Avoid wearing loud and multi-colored sneakers. Also, make sure that they’re clean and well-kept.

What Colored Ties Go Best with a Black Suit?

Some patterns and colors of ties are already discussed above. Let’s dive deep into this topic.

One of the trustworthy menswear combos is a white shirt, black tie, and a black suit. Pretty common. If you’re ready to switch things up now and again, go with a burgundy tie. Micro patterns on a burgundy tie is great for formal events.

If you want to get a casual look, grey or aubergine knitted ties are good for major style moves.

Black Suit Styling Rules

a) Your black suit should be made of natural fabric like cotton, wool, and linen. Poly-blend or polyester suits are bad choices.

b) Opt for a slim fit shirt while teeming it up with a black suit.

c) Colorful pocket square looks great at less formal occasions.

d) Subtle patterns can add depth to your monochromatic black attire.

What Experts’ Say

 Olie Arnold, style director at Mr. Porter, told Fashion Beans while emphasizing upon the fitting.

Always focus on the fit. Make sure that your trousers create a perfect balance between tight and slim. Wear a well-fit suit to command attention of others.

Rosie Doran, men’s tailoring buyer at John Lewis commented that

Merino or cashmere are great fabrics to wear underneath. These fabrics are less formal and can add more depth to your overall appeal.



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