If you love to add some gorgeousness to the curls by coloring them, you’ve got endless options. From neutral brown to grey, there are many hues to make your curls Pinterest-worthy. Curls can brilliantly handle bold shades. At the same time, your curls will equally glow in light shades. The choice is yours.

As you know, all curls are not the same. So, if a shade suits your friend’s curls, it may or may not suit yours. Generally, hair colorists trained in curls prefer to go with balayage. Balayage highlights make the curls pop while allowing the colorist to color individual curls.

Below, we’ve shared 10 hair colors for curly girls, in case balayage isn’t the color you like.

Hair Colors for Curly Hair

1. Chocolate Brown

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Chocolate brown hues boost the glossy effect of your curls. This color refreshes your face and reverses your aging clock apparently. You can opt for this color as it will never go out of style and will highlight your curls more. 

2. Jet Black

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Embrace your existing curls with jet black shade. From shorter cropped to long loose curls, jet black suits almost all hairstyles and skin tones. Definitely, this can be your failsafe bet. Apply hair serum to get more gorgeous curls.

3. Brown with a Touch of Red

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An effortless and smooth hair color trend for curly hair. Brown shade having a tint of red is bright enough to make the passersby envious. Simultaneously, the hue is neutral enough to give your curls a subtle look. And YES, it works on all types of curls.

4. Rose Gold Highlights

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If you want to make individual curls stand out, rose gold highlight is the shade for you. For this reason, the color is very popular among the curlies. When applied, the color will create a dramatic effect that no one can ignore.

5. Grey

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Are you bold enough to carry unnatural grey curls? Go grey. Grey color is not only for hiding the grey hairs that are growing in but also for getting your curls dipped in a shade that’s easy to notice. This color will give your face the warmth it needs.

6. Caramel Brown Hair Color

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If you’re not ready to change your look drastically, caramel brown for curly hair colors is refreshing. This is a less dramatic color to give a completely natural look to your curls. Effortlessly cool. You can easily make a fashion statement with this caramel brown hue.

7. Mix of Blonde and Brown

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The summertime blonde look? Yes, we love it, especially on the curls. Blonde mixed with brown best flatters dark skin.  Hold the curls’ shape by scrunching a bit of styling cream. However, you can experiment with many other blonde shades available because the blonde hues are for all skin tones.

8. Pink Shade for Curls

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When you’re willing to proudly show off your curls, dye them in pink. The pink shade will make your curls look even vibrant and brighter. Use your creative mind and give yourself a makeover. Moreover, this shade will bring back the fun memories of your childhood (the days when you used to be crazy over candies).

9. Shades of Honey

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Honey highlights are exclusively for curlies who want to color hair in small doses. With some brown lowlights and paler highlights, you’ll look like a born blonde girl. Finally, your hair will look as if it is getting the glow of the sun always.

10. Light and Soft Green

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Adventure, bold, care-free, and youth- one color saying many things. Wear it on your curly hair and create a more subtle accent.


a) Does Colors Ruin Your Curls?

Curly hair is more delicate and drier than other hair types. If you don’t know the right way of coloring your curls, it may cause irreparable damage to the curls.

b) Does Hair Color Loosen Curl Pattern?

Hair colors can make the curls lose. The chemicals in the hair colors loosen the curls’ pattern by affecting its elasticity. Once the curls are colored, use lots of hydrating products to restore the elasticity.

c) How to Prepare for Coloring Curly Hair?

First of all, use a shampoo to clear all debris build up on your hair strands. Once shampooed, apply a super hydrating light conditioner afterward. After hair coloring, skip pooing for a few days. Then, go for shampooing with a shampoo having curl strengthening ingredients.


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