Hey all petite girls! There are some outstanding and fresh fashion trends just for you. In fact, you’ve a lot of options to look tall, slim, and fabulous. However, you need to embrace the right style for that. Finding the right pieces that will make you look taller may be tough for you. Only knowing what to wear won’t help you much. Additionally, you should know what to avoid to accentuate the height factor. In this blog, I’ll share with you outfit ideas for short curvy girls, do’s and don’ts, colors, and patterns to help you get back the confidence.

Outfit Ideas for Short Curvy Girls

1.Soft Asymmetrical Maxi Dresses

Nicole Richie, only 5’1” looks taller on screen. Even when she is wearing a maxi dress. Do you know why? It’s due to the waistline of the dress. Always choose petite maxi dress with high waist line to make your legs look longer. Read on to know how to wear a maxi dress if you’re short.

Fabric is also vital. Create a flattering and feminine silhouette with soft and flowy maxi dress. It should embrace the curve of your body naturally. Stay away from heavy materials as it will not flow as the soft ones. To get a taller look, pick maxi dresses with short hem in the front and long at the back.

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2. Short Skirts                                                            

Few days ago, someone asked me, “How to dress when you’re short?”  And, the first dress that came to my mind is Short Skirts. Actually, it looks better on short girls than taller folks. However, it shouldn’t be so short to show your cellulite deposits on thighs. Make sure it’s just above your knee.

And, if you’re wearing skirts just below your knees, don’t pair it up with clunky shoes.

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3. Formal Wear

One of the fashion tips for short curvy girls are how to look slim and tall. Wearing bodycon formal outfit is a great idea while going to attend a client or heading towards office. Moreover, you can put on a blazer to enhance your style statement. When it comes to tops, prefer silk tops over satin. At the same time, pair these kinds of tops with ankle length trousers.

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4. Jeans

Redefine your wardrobe and add some slit ankle length denim. Spruce up the look with cold off shoulder and puff sleeves tops. These combinations will help you create the illusion of a tall girl. Ditch baggy boyfriend jeans. Rather, go for well-fitted petite ones.

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5. Shirts

A good rule of curvy petite fashion is to tuck the shirts in. However, this is especially important if you’ve cuffed your jeans. Make sure you’ve selected a well-fitted shirt. This will help you to look slim.

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6. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits can elevate your height a lot. Replace the buttoned down jumpsuits with the ones having belts to highlight your waist. Ditch sleeveless and go for cap sleeves to add to the drama with your arms.

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7. Kurti

Front slit kurti, anarkali kurti, and straight kurtis should be your pick. Furthermore, you can add layers to it by wearing a jacket. Or, shop for layered kurtis to attend a glamorous party.

8. Saree

Heavy border or no border? That’s the question most petite women face while styling with saree. Short border or no border looks great on you. Consider your body type. Shimmer, georgette, and chiffon sarees are some of the types you should focus on.

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9. Slit Dresses

Swap your mid-length dresses with slit dresses. It will makes your legs look long. Instead of front slits, try to get dresses with back or side slits. Avoid wearing calf-length dresses.

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10. Shorts

Cuffed boyfriend shorts are must-haves. These are in-trend. Plus, they’ll not ride up to your butts. On the contrary, they’ll only expose the cute lower-half of your thighs. In fact, it is one of the cute outfits for curvy figures.

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11. Short Dress

Short dresses accentuating your waistline is a great option. Use small prints like polka dots to avoid looking short-heighted. However, if it’s a baggy short dress, decorate it with a sleek belt.

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12. Wrap Dresses

Shirt dresses are like devils that can gobble you up. Rather, shop for a wrap dress to make others feel you’ve the eyes for the right dress.

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13. Coats

A statement making coat goes perfectly with jeans and well-fitted top. Wear this in winter and stay safe and stylish. Great, right?

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14. Oversized Sweater

A BIG YES to the oversized sweater with leggings, jeggings, or jeans. Whatever pants you put on, these types of sweaters will look cute on you. If it’s an off-shoulder sweater, you can easily turn the eyes on the streets.

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15. Bridal Dresses

Off-shoulder bridal dresses or sweetheart necklines will be the best choice for your Big Day. Moreover, backless bridal dresses with sheer necklines can enhance your sexiness further. Halter style or noodle strap dresses are some others you can go for.

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Shouldn’t Miss Style Tips for Petite Women

16. V-Neckline

Whatever you’re buying, make sure it has V-neckline. All petite framed women can make their necks appear longer with this kind of neckline. Boat necks and turtlenecks? No, no, never!

17. Heels

Spike up your appeal with heels. However, choose nude colored heels. It will not only create the illusion of being tall but will also make your legs look sexy.

One bonus tip: Don’t make a mess by wearing heels with ankle straps.

18. Hairstyles

Short haircuts like long bob and chin-length bobs are good for women with short height. Some hairstyles you can try to look taller are top puffed up hair, high ponytails, and high bun. However, there’re some more attractive and simple hairdos for short hair. Style with your hair and swag it with proud.

19. Wear Tight Bras

Wearing loose bras can spill your boobs out of it. It may affect your overall appeal. Look for bras that fit your big busts and make you feel comfortable at the same time.

20. Accessories

Steer clear of bold and heavy jewelries. Rather, roll your eyes for chic jewelries with minimal designs. As for instance, make a simple long necklace with only a shiny pendant your style statement.

21. Nails

Keep your nails manicured and long. Never go for square-shaped nails. Oppositely, long nails will make your hands look long. And that’s your aim, isn’t it?

22. Handbags

Small top handle totes, clutches, minaudieres, and cross-body bags are especially for you. These are easy to carry. Unlike a hobo bag, these bags won’t make your waist look big.

Don’ts for Curvy and Short Girls

23. Ankle Strap Shoes

Don’t even look at the ankle strap sandals. It will divide your feet and legs and make you appear short.

24. Oversized Silhouettes

Oversized and baggy dresses will increase your size. And, others will consider you fat. So, better avoid it.

25. Cropped Pants

Cropped pants, capris, and Bermuda shorts aren’t the best bet for short leggy. These pants will make you look even shorter.

26. Big Belts

It shouldn’t be in the list of style ideas for short curvy girls. Buckling your waist with 2-3inches wide belts will cut your height to 2-3 inches. Obviously, you don’t want it.

27. Loose Shoulders Sit

Outfits with loose shoulders sit aren’t for you. If you’ve such dresses, give it to someone who is tall and slim. Rather, look for puffy sleeves and shoulders that fit properly.

Colors and Patterns

28. Solid Colors: Any color that is bold and dark suits you. For example, you can choose black, dark red, or yellow to play safe.

29. Monochrome colors: Monochrome colors like dresses with only a single color fits you the best. On the contrary, if you wear multi-colored dress, you’ll appear short.

30. Vertical Stripes: Vertical stripes, unlike horizontal strips will add to your height. It will flatter your body type in the best possible way.

31. Avoid Bold Patterns: If you’re looking for ‘short curvy girls how to dress’, keep yourself away from bold prints to favor your petite frame. Rather, play with small patterns.

32. Spaghetti Strap Top: Maybe, you hate your short legs. But, you can feel proud of your collarbones, feminine necklines, and thin arms. There’s a secret for all short women. Just spend few bucks in Spaghetti Strap Top. Draw attention to your upper part with this flattering top.


When it concerns styling your short curvy frame, exploring different styles is the best idea. Listen what your body is saying. Anything that makes you feel comfort will give you confidence. And, confidence is the mantra of fashion.

You surely know what will look good on you. If you’ve any suggestions, let me know by writing about it in the comments section.


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