Winter is the season of layering up. Mastering this layering game is vital especially for plus-size women to brave the chill. Plus, you need to find clothing pieces that won’t make you look bulky and should flatter your curves. This may be a big struggle for you. Be creative while adding the layers and finding shoes and tights. We’re here to help you out.

Get more eyeballs with your fashion-forward sense. Let yourself be a role model for those searching ‘What to wear in winter if I’m fat?’ For that, try the winter fashion tips discussed here for curvy women.

Tip #1

                                 Wear Shapewear to Contour

High-waist short shapewear shapes your butt and smoothes your thighs. Pulling them off underneath your dress can help you hide the excess layers of fat. Good shapewear can transform your overall look and boost your confidence. According to the celebrity stylist, Avo Yermagyan, shapewear is the secret to dressing. Moreover, you won’t feel sweaty as the weather outside is chilly.

Watch this video to learn how to shop for a shapewear.

Tip #2

Choose Cropped or Trench Style Quilted Jackets

Cropped jackets on curvy women look more hip and stylish. They won’t hide your legs, making you appear taller than you actually are. At the same time, these jackets will keep you toasty. A Trench style quilted jacket is the ultimate overachiever provided it has a belt to add more definition to your curves.

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Tip #3

Embrace Vests

Many petite women love vests for the slimming look they offer. If the sleeves of a jacket are too tight for your arms, remove the sleeves and create a vest out of it. A sleeveless vest creates vertical lines, which make you appear slimmer and taller. Wear the vest over a tee or a shirt to add more style to your outfit. If you’re wearing a puffer vest, team it up with well-fitted bottoms to avoid unnecessary bulk.

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Tip #4

Ditch Your Boxy Poncho

A boxy poncho can hide your gorgeous curves. On the other hand, an open cardigan can create an hourglass shape. Look for hip grazing and long versions to make your torso look taller. Whether you’re wearing a top and jeans or a gown, an open cardigan can be a perfect layer for everything.

Tip #5

Mind the Jacket’s Length

Shorter jackets that end at the high hip is the best option for curvy women. If you’re wearing a long dress, throwing an even longer coat will hide your amazing body silhouette. However, you can wear mid-calf length jackets having cinching at the waist.

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Tip #6

Highlight Your Short Waist with a Slim Belt

A slim belt is great for women with a shorter torso. It balances your short waist while not cutting off point. As layering during winter may make the seers feel you don’t have a figure at all, make your attractive silhouette prominent by adding a belt.

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Tip #7

Avoid Chunky Sweaters

Chunky sweaters add to your weight visually. Moreover, a heavy sweater has many features like a cowl or a turtleneck neckline that are not good for you if fat. These styles fall below the hip and create a weighty effect. All oversized clothing is bad because of your broader stature. Hence, avoid packing on heavy layers of fabric.

Tip #8

Love  Longer Line Jumpers

One of the winter hacks for petite women is to wear longer line jumpers. Jumpers having longer lines will skim heavy-bottom areas. Their longer style will prevent others from focusing on your problem areas.

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Tip #9

Use Scarf as a Tie

Scarves can add a perfect third layer to your outfit in winter. But you have to wear it wisely enough so as to not look bulky. Throw it on like a man’s necktie to get a slimming look. Create a V-shape near your neck by pulling the knot downwards.

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Tip #10

 Well-Fitted Bottoms

A high-waisted and dark-colored pair of jeans or jeggings can make you all set in winter. Trousers are also chic outfits and available in many shapes and styles.  We personally recommend wearing straight trousers instead of tapered trousers. Whether you wear jeans or a trouser, it shouldn’t be loose yet should give enough room to your thighs. The hem of the pants should be at your ankle. Wearing a length shorter or longer can make your torso appear short. Plus, avoid pants having patterns or any additional features like pockets.

Tip #11

Replace Ankle Wrap Shoes with Boots

Ankle wraps cut off the length of legs. Whereas tucking your jeans or pant in the ankle boots will keep the leg line going and will show your curves in a better way. Wear stiletto booties to give your calf a great shape and to draw in compliments. Just make sure the shoes fit you well and you’re comfortable in them.

Tip #12

Tuck in Sweaters

Always tuck in your knits especially if you’re layering a long jacket on it. Rather than a full tuck, go for a front tuck. The front tuck will showcase your legs and give the illusion of more curves. This winter style tip for petites will not only flaunt your waist but will also not hide your lower-half.

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Tip #13

Stick to Only One Layer

If you don’t want to look like a frump-fests of clothing, layer with only one piece. Choose a lightweight fabric that can keep you warm enough. Never add bulk around your bulky parts. Wear only one layer having a fitted midsection. Plus, accessorize yourself with simple jewelry like a plain necklace or a stud earring.

Tip #14

Go Monochrome

For an overall more put-together leaner look, go monochrome. It’s not necessary that you’ve to wear all black. Some other colors you can choose for monochrome looks are olive green deep teal, dark brown, deep gray, and navy. When your pants color matches the top’s color, the lower edge will create a vertical line from neck to feet. In this way, you won’t spoil the illusion of height. The less you break things up the better.

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