What is a Makeup Primer

What is a Makeup Primer? How to Apply It Like a Pro?

Does your makeup smear and smudge after a few hours? Chances are you’re applying the makeup primer. Or, maybe you’re not using it at all. If you’re new to...
Masonic Tattoos

38 Excellent Masonic Tattoos that Will Blow Your Mind

Masonic tattoos are becoming popular day by day. If you hire a professional, you can easily make your body a beautiful canvas by combining awesome geometric designs of masonic...
20 Sexiest Oscar Dresses of All Time

20 Sexiest Oscar Dresses of All Time

Any Oscar event has one thing for sure: Glamorous Gowns. The gowns celebs wear for the red carpet is designed to take fashion to the new heights. And, not...
Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

9 Amazing Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Have hooded eyes? Don’t hide it. Flaunt them with amazing makeup for hooded eyes. First of all, let’s see what hooded eyes are.
Summer hair color ideas

24 Stylish Summer Hair Color Ideas to Copy ASAP

Bright sun showering all its rays on me while I am lying on the sands of the beach and sipping coconut water. This wish comes to my mind first...
leather pants for women

These Are the Best Leather Pants We’re Obsessed With

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Pastel nails

23 Best Pastel Nails to Show Your Manicurist ASAP

Arguably, warm weather is the time for zen. As I am not an ice-queen, the approaching of summer brings a smile to my face. Summer means getting rid of...
hair colors for curly hair

25 Curly Hair Color Ideas and FAQs

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outfit inspo

14 Easy Outfit Inspo to Make You Look Stylish in All Seasons

Assembling pieces of dresses to make an outfit is the toughest job for me. Yes, even tougher than waking up in the morning. Whenever I attempt to ensemble the...
low maintenance hair color ideas

18 Low-Maintenance Hair Color Ideas to Help You Skip Visiting Salon

Coloring your hair requires money investment and care. And, it’s not a one-time job. Once the hair coloring is done, you may have to visit the salon regularly for...