Looking beautiful sometimes, become a painful deal. In the movie, Grease, Frenchy said that to Sandy. From getting tattoos to hot wax, fashionistas have to undergo a lot of tortures for a charming appearance.

However, in doing so, what we don’t realize is that we’re actually affecting our health. And, most of the fashion items affect our spine. Consequently, we start to suffer from back pain. According to the British Chiropractic Association, 73% of women suffer from back pain due to some of the items in their wardrobe.

Let’s see what fashion items can cause back pain.

Fashion Items Hurting Your Spine

1. High Heel Shoes

fashion items hurting spine

When you wear high heels, the spine gets stressed. Shoes with high heels disturb your body’s overall balance. Wearing high heels even for a short period of time can curve your spine to a great extent. As a result, you’ll start to suffer from both back and foot pain.

On the other hand, choosing wedges can be a fail-safe option. Pump shoes without any heel are also good for the spine. In this regard, Dr. Amy Harmening, Illinois Back Institute recommends patients to avoid wearing stilettos. She opines patients to wear wedges as those shoes have a broader surface area. Hence, they don’t create a lot of pressure on your foot.

2. Heavy Bags

fashion items hurting spine

Recently, heavy bags are getting a lot of attraction. These bags are becoming trendy. They constitute 10% of your body’s total weight. As you take the bag on one side, its strap exerts pressure on the shoulders. Ultimately, back, shoulder, and neck pain starts.

Remove all the excess stuff from your bag before carrying it. If possible, try to avoid using oversized bags. Rather switch to sling bags and purses. Moreover, choose a bag with a wide and a big strap.

3. Skinny Jeans and Skirts

fashion items hurting spine

Clothing also affects your spine’s health. Wearing too-tight clothes like skinny skirts and jeans disturb your body’s balance.

For instance, skinny skirts are the go-to-office dress that brings the knees closer. This condition restricts the movement. Over time, it will damage your disc giving you a painful back. Likewise, skinny jeans also harm your health. They change the movement of your body while walking. Due to the decreased shock absorption, your joints get stressed. To say precisely, painted-on jeans are not the ones you should keep in your wardrobe.

4. Shapewear

Appropriately sized shapewear can be good for your spine. These shapewear engage your core. Therefore, your muscles are overly used.

Unfortunately, most women choose one size smaller than what they really need. It, in turn, restricts the movement of pelvic muscles. Thus, more stress is placed on your back.

5. Heavy Necklaces

Heavy jewelry typically leads to poor posture. Wearing statement necklaces for long hours can bring pain to your neck, shoulder, and back region. Due to this reason, doctors advise women to maintain a good posture while wearing such necklaces.

You should make sure that your ears are above the shoulders. Moreover, pull back the angel wings. Check whether your spine is straight.


Happy news! These fashion items in your wardrobe take a bit long time to damage your spine. Generally, the back pains are treatable. From applying heat packs to doing certain exercises, there are different ways to get rid of back pain.

But, prevention is better than cure. And, even if you stop using them, you’ll have endless fashion items that are good for your health too. So, why not start clearing your wardrobe today. Let’s make looking beautiful only fun and pleasant experience.


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