Does this fall urge you to steer up your glam game? We won’t blame you. Whereas summer days mean less-is-more makeup, fall allows you to break the makeup rules and try something heavy. Here, we have listed some cool fall makeup looks you can go for with ankle booties and chunky knit sweaters.

So, scroll on to get some fall makeup ideas you can easily recreate at home.

1. Mauve Lips   

fall makeup looks

Mauves are dramatic shades. They have the power of attraction without the heft of deep tones of fall. You can wear it with almost any outfit’s color. This shade of lipstick is the best for transitioning from the warm weather of summer to the cool temperatures of fall. Moreover, mauve suits all skin tones. Apply the mauve shade on your cheeks and eyes too to have some more drama. Regardless of the time and event type, you can pull off this color for any occasion.

2. Big Eyelashes

The days of clumpy mascara are gone. Rather, twiggy chunky lashes are one of the fall makeup trends. From Roen’s Cake Mascara to Gucci, brands are making mascaras giving them only the spider-leg status. Long eyelashes won the hearts of fashionistas in the 1960s. Again, lumpy eyelashes are occupying a prominent place in the fashion world. Choose rich black and lightweight eyelash extensions to look stylish while maintaining safety. Also, create a more cohesive look with lower lash extension.

3. Light Brows

Fresh, fun, and new. Light brows are the hottest fall makeup looks. The last few years have seen full grown black brows. But, brushed up ‘soap brows’ are gradually experiencing a resurgence. However, soap brows are specifically for those with naturally dark and bushy brows. A natural hue tint that is seamlessly blended can give you a perfect look for the snowy days of fall. You can get inspo from Gigi Hadid and many other celebs that are proudly flaunting light or shadowy brows.

4. Deep Bold Eyes

fall makeup looks

Mali Thomas, the global artist in residence of Bobbi Brown says, “Fall 2020 is all about bold lip colors and statement eyes.” Therefore, eyes artistically lined with liners, mascaras, lashes, and eyeshadows are gaining popularity. Deep bold eyes are my personal favorite. They were in trend and are not going to fade anytime sooner. Use kohl instead of the liner and smudge them to get the look of smokey eyes. However, this makeup idea for fall looks good mainly at nighttime parties.

5. Golden Glam

fall makeup looks

Gold flaked illuminating powders or gold highlighters are popular choices for fall. No doubt, traditional yellow gold is too loud. So, skip it. Rather, try champagne or rose gold. The modern and sophisticated rose gold can give you a super feminine look. At the same time, it goes perfectly with all skin tones.

On the other hand, champagne is the soft undertone of beige and yellow. It’s a perfect highlighter for fair-skinned girls. If you don’t want to look like a gold ball, apply the highlighter in a subtle way.

6. Glassy Skin

fall makeup looks

Glassy skin looks so wet to the touch. Though it was summer’s number one makeup trend, it has also transitioned perfectly for fall. This makeup look creates an illusion of illuminated, smooth, and poreless skin. Yes, we agree that a good skincare routine is essential to get a glassy skin look. But, if you need it urgently, a little bit of makeup can do it all. Applying a layer of clear balm over the highlighter can give you dolphin or glassy skin instantly. So, are you ready to drape it?

7. Neon Eyeshadows

After orange eyeshadows and graphic cat eyes, neon eyeshadows are becoming the newest trend to try this fall. This well-blended look is the season’s makeup trend that is nothing sort of eye-catching. A white liquid liner and super-bright shadows can create the magic in your eyes. Mix the vivid pink with seafoam green or yellow shades. Pull of bold red lips with it. Or, do as you wish. Play with these bright colors. At the same time, make sure you’re not looking like a bulb.

8. Matte Lips

Matte lips look damn good. They’re in during fall too. But, if you fail to choose the right matte lipstick, they’ll create dry crustiness on your lips. The matte lipstick won’t melt off your lips. However, the matte look makes you look a little dull against the snowy winter. So, choose a bold color like red or deep purple. These colors are gorgeous and you can easily draw attention to them. Moreover, a nicely applied red matte lipstick can also look good even when your face is totally bare.

9. Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner or cat eyeliner is easy to master. There are so many ways of doing it. First of all, you need to know your eye shape. If you are nervous and struggling to get the perfect cat-eye, use a spoon. You’ll get so many tutorials in YouTube regarding the same. So, don’t break out in a nervous sweat. Apart from the common black, you can try blue, green, and other colors to create the wings. If you wish, give your lids a chrome finish to heighten the charm of your eyes.

10. Cream Blush

fall makeup looks

Versatile and natural, cream blush is one of my favorite fall makeup looks. When applied correctly, cream blush can give you a slightly dewy and glowy flush. Unlike traditional powder blush, they won’t create cake-like cheeks. This is an ideal makeup idea for fall exclusively for mature and dry skin. Just mix baby oil with the highlighting sticks to get the gorgeous glowing cheeks. Or, you can directly apply a cream blush that will leave lasting and prettiest color whispers.

11. Metallic Eyes

fall makeup looks

Get a subtle and clean eye makeup with metallic eyes. But, there’s a problem with metallic eyes. They can get messy if you don’t know how to play with these high-shine shadows. The past years’ glitzy eyes are no longer in trend. This fall will see more metallic eyes. From social media to streets to Hollywood, everywhere you’ll see this less-dramatic makeup is ruling. Keep all the makeup low key like have satin lips to match with the smoldering rust bronze color of eyes.

12. Light Colored Corners

fall makeup looks

Among makeup artists, light-colored eye corners are tried-and-true techniques. As shadows and under-eye circles tend to be the darkest at the corners, applying light eye makeup in this area will work the best.  The inner corners of your eyes are a high-impact area. This hack makes your eyes look more awake and brighter. Creating fun color pops with gold or silvery-white will add to the dimension of your eyelids.


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