Sweater vests are debonair potential offering a theatrical and suave mood. They’re season-less and hence, can be the perfect transitional piece. Unlike other winter clothing staples, vests add layers without adding unnecessary bulk. Finding good vest outfit ideas can come as a challenge to you. For instance, wearing a button-down shirt underneath the vest can make others feel you’re wearing a uniform. On the contrary, if you pull off a vest looking like a sleeveless blazer alone, it will become a dress.

Different types of vests are out there. From cropped vests to long-line sleeveless coats, the options can overwhelm you. Today, we’ll show you stylish ways to wear vests. Keep scrolling.

Stylish and Elegant Ways to Wear Vests

1. Turtleneck Sweater with a Knitted Vest and a Pair of Denims

You can’t go wrong when you rock a vest with a pair of denim. These outfits are perfect for aligning with the casual dress code for the office or for a weekend. Be it a denim vest or any other vest type, its layer can create a sophisticated and playful outfit. Flared jeans also can give you a relaxed vibe.

vest outfit ideas

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2. Cropped Vest with Jeans

Cropped vests look extremely stylish on slim silhouettes. Pair them with your denim. A tight cropped vest is a good pair for loose jeans. Apart from jeans, this vest type looks good with trousers and leggings too.

3. With a Skirt

Dress up a skirt for your next date in winter with a vest. You can wear a shirt underneath to finish off this cute vest outfit. The choice is yours.

4. With a Beanie

Beanies are seen mostly in winter. Mix your beanie with a tee, puffer vest, and a pair of jeans. This will create a casual look. However, you can replace the jeans with a pair of trousers.

vest outfit ideas

5. A Long Line Vest

A long sleeveless vest can be worn in multiple ways. This layering piece suits almost all body type. Here’s how you can style a long vest.

6. With a Belt

A belt, if chosen correctly can underline your individuality. Get some inspiring ideas to wear belts with a vest.

7. With Shorts

Shorts are trendy and versatile. From denim shorts to cotton shorts, the options are endless. Check out these images to know how to wear a vest with shorts.

8. On a Dress

If you’re not a pant-girl, the easiness and breeziness of a dress can be a good option for you. Layer a vest on a dress and you’re all set for almost any event. These are some vest outfit ideas you can wear both day and night.

vest outfit ideas

9. With a Scarf

When winter rolls around, a scarf can be your go-to accessory. Whether plaid or chiffon, you can style your vest and create some interesting looks easily with scarves.

10. As a Dress

Dress vests are fun. Either go for a classic style with low-key pieces or dress it up with heels and junk jewelry. Opt for safe neutral colors in the beginning if you’re feeling apprehensive.  


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