As a beginner when you step into Brazilian jiu-jitsu you will see that the journey in itself is transformational. From simple ways to live life, clean eating rules, lifestyle and the way you carry yourself, and how much effort you are willing to put in, everything will change eventually. Just a few decades ago, BJJ was known as the game that transformed the role of combat, mainly because it offered an outlet and a source of power for vulnerable people. Where other combat games favored the size and power of the visual, it is the only combat game that offered the power to the technique and the way you use your body. As a result, people who were feeble, relatively less powerful, smaller in size, and struggling with handling big-size opponents use BJJ as a way to win in every situation.

As a beginner started to step into the training session, they observed that their eating pattern was becoming clean and healthy. Since they were putting effort in the process, their idea of putting effort was becoming not just limited to the training or the performance they show when they are on the mat. Instead, their training was more linked with their lifestyle. When you put so much effort during training, this means your need to offer your body enough fuel that it complements the hectic routine. Where most people give up very easily, a good diet can help your body gain enough strength and stamina that you can easily compete when you are on the mat without losing motivation or giving up.

With the help of this article, we will mainly look at the idea of clean eating. We will also see what you need to eat when you eat clean and the rules that you must follow if you want to improve and become better at BJJ.

What Is The Concept Of Clean Eating?

The idea of clean eating rules comes from the opposite of junk food. With clean eating you need to continue food that is low in calories and helps you gain enough nutrients that it doesn’t result; in weight gain. Your food needs to supply you with enough calories as well as all the essential nutrients that can improve the healing process. Apart from this, clean eating involves food items that are not processed, do not have any extra buffers or preservatives, and do not impact your long-term health. Usually, the diet that is offered for the athletes is balanced and helps in fulfilling the calorie count, micronutrients as well as macronutrients.

What Should Be Included In Your Clean Food For BJJ?

The idea of clean food is to consume fully organic food and avoid processed food. Since you will be going through a lot of intense workouts, you have to help your body by consuming a lot of protein. The idea is that your calorie count should be covered by carbs, fat, and protein. Within this, your diet must consist mainly of protein so it can aid the healing process. Apart from this; the fat and carbs content should be very low because although they offer much more calories, it takes a lot of time for these components to digest.

Finally, your food needs to consist of fiber, and water along with micro and macronutrients. This will consist of trace elements like copper, zinc, iron, etc. apart from this; you need water, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen to complete the metabolism phase. To know how you can easily determine if the food will be considered clean; the main idea is to look at the food items that are healthy and organic. If anything is processed or packed, this means that it is high in salt and has extra preservatives. These preservatives have enhanced flavors and take much more time for digestion. Eventually, you will see that you have issues related to GI track performance. Try to consume fresh vegetables, fruits, and some protein sources on a daily basis. This will not only help you enhance your fitness but also improve your immunity and enhance your beauty. 

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, when people say you are what you eat, they mean clean eating. Although high-calorie food is very important when you have to follow a very hectic training route, yet when you start working out and training, your body needs something more than calories. Your body needs a healthy and well-balanced diet that will work as fuel. This fuel needs to be clean and must help you improve your fitness. With high-calorie food that doesn’t offer you enough nutrients, you will see that it will affect the development of your body and eventually you will be prone to injury as well. When most people start their workout routine they are offered a simple chart according to the intensity of their workout. Everything listed in the chart is assembled by professionals according to the requirements of their bodies. This way the body doesn’t have to suffer enough damage and when it does get affected by an injury, it heals faster.


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