We understand- you may not have the budget to spend on an expensive Halloween dress? The good news is that you don’t need to break your bank to figure out your costume. And, yet you can show the creative spirit in you. There are unlimited flat-out genius Halloween costume ideas. Many of them are DIYs using the dresses you already have in your closet. A little bit of effort and wit can make you get set to go.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

1. Pokemon’s Ash Ketchum

One of the creative Halloween costumes that you can make within minutes.

What you’ll need:

Blue skirt

Black tank top

White shirt (cut it short)

Blue sleeveless shirt

2. Bratz Doll

This Halloween costume idea is perfect for college-girls. You can make this Bratz costume in no time and with small budget.         

What you’ll need:


Denim skirt or jeans (if jeans, convert it into a skirt)

Boots (you can skip this one and wear the shoes you’ve)

Trench coat

A Beret hat

3. Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is one of the best Halloween costumes for those who’re really in a pinch. All it takes is grabbing your black sunglass, chunky necklace, and a blunt bob wig.

4. Holly Golightly

Image Credit: Saradujour.Me

If you’re impressed by Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly look, why not try it this Halloween?

What you’ll need:

Black sunglass

Black sleeveless dress

Black gloves

Pearl necklace

Black kitten heel

A hair accessory that can be used for crown

To mimic that iconic Audrey Hepburn looks, choose a haircut with bangs.

5. Burrito Halloween Costume

Image Credit: GoodHouseKeeping.Com

Before we can even prepare our dresses, this spooky holiday sneaks up on us quickly. So, we have included this cool Halloween costume on our list. It is one of those DIY Halloween costumes you can go for at the last minute. Plus, you can show your love for burritos through this costume.

What you’ll need:

A tan top

Silver skirt

Silver shoes

A spool of thread, crayons, paper, scissor, and glue (to craft the collar as shown)

6. Rosie the Riveter

Image Credit: Costumes.LovetoKnow.Com

Show the lady boss in you by dressing yourself up like this iconic Rosie the Riveter. Needless to say, you’ve everything in your closet that this costume needs.

What you’ll need:

Denim or blue shirt

Red bandana

Red lipstick

7. Harley Quinn

Image Credit: CaseyReneeCosplay.Com

This babe has stolen our hearts in Suicide Squad. Are you ready to go bold and steal the hearts of others?

What you’ll need:

Hair colors

White t-shirt having orange color at the neckline

A pair of black stockings

A wide belt

Blue and orange scarves

Bright makeup

8. Sabrina Halloween Costume

Image Credit: CaseyReneeCosplay.Com

Remember, Sabrina, the favorite TV witch? Dressing up as Sabrina is very easy and cost-effective. Let’s bring a chilling twist to this costume. Replace the witch big book with a cake or something cute. Then, it will become a combination of thrilling and cute look.

What you’ll need:

A red dress

A lace

A black hairband

A black legging

A red lipstick

9. Ceiling Fan Halloween Costume

Image Credit: Instructables.Com

Ceiling Fan. The easiest and quickest Halloween costume in our list. When you’ve a laid-back attitude, this costume can save you from giving extra effort.

What you’ll need:

A white t-shirt

Sketch pen

Pom Poms


A glue

10. Sash Halloween Costume

Image Credit: GoodHouseKeeping.Com

When you’re wearing such a wonderful Halloween costume, don’t feel sorry about anything. It’s classic, and just need two things. Here, they’re.

What you’ll need:

A dress

A sash

Write a formal apology or ‘I am sorry’ on the sash. And, you’re done.

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11. Ace Ventura

Image Credit: Costume-Works.Com

Ace Ventura costume will get you ready for a wild adventure. If you’ve a pet, make him your perfect accessory.

What you’ll need:

A white shirt

A piece of ribbon (measure it to your waist)

A pink tulle (cut it in strips to create the skirt)

A cargo shorts

12. Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Image Credit: ColorMeCourtney.Com

Cute and quick. Step into the fairy world and transform yourself into Disney’s original princess, Snow White.

What you’ll need

A yellow skirt

White-collared shirt

A blue top

Red hair bow

13. Lion       

Image Credit: Popsugar.Com    

Ready to show the wild in you? Like a lion? Reign the jungle of Halloween parties with attention-grabbing yet simple Halloween costume ideas.

What you’ll need:

Grey t-shirt

A black legging

A black kohl (to paint the little nose)

Two rubber bands (to tie up your hair like little ears)

14. Flight Attendants Halloween Costume

Image Credit: Today.Com

Take off this Halloween with a stunning Halloween costume of flight attendant. If you love Britney Spear’s song from Toxic, then you definitely have thought of this sexy and classy costume.

What you’ll need:

White shirt

Silk scarf

A tulip skirt

A luggage

An airline pin

15. Mia of La La Land

Image Credit: Brit.Co

Celebrating this Halloween with your fiancé? Go with your Sebastian in a romantic and dancing mood. Just like Mia from La La Land? Sure.

What you’ll need:

A yellow dress

A pair of tap shoes

16. Madeline

This is another Halloween costume idea you can pull off when don’t have much time in hand.

What you’ll need:

Blue dress

A pair of Mary Jane shoes

A pair of white socks

Red and black ribbons

A trilby hat


Halloween means having unlimited fun and party all night. But, when you’ve to spend a lot of time struggling how to dress, you lost the energy to enjoy. All the Halloween costume ideas mentioned here can be created within minutes. Give these ideas a try.


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